Monday, October 29, 2012

of bears and pumpkins

When the ladies of Two Birds Boutique choose an outfit to inspire a personal look.

Here's my version of the outfit.
To see how others used the inspiration look here.

Today's outfit inspiration is:
 actress Ashley Madekwe
 from TV show Revenge.

Ashley also has a fashion blog called
Ring My Bell.

It snows in autumn, in the Rocky Mountains,
where we used to live. 

Sometimes we'd get early snow near Halloween.

 It snowed there, just last week.
A teacher told me the power went off at her school.
For an hour they did their schoolwork, by flashlight.

My boots and skirt are thrifted.
My art Journal page from October 19, 2012 inspired by
Fall In Love from Classes Kara Made

When I was in high school, I finished the book

 Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.
 I was crying from the end of the story.
 It was on Thanksgiving day.
 I remember, I looked at/out the window,
and my world was covered in white.

So after that, I associated Thanksgiving with snow.

This year, I wanted a teddy bear pumpkin, and this is what my husband made. I think it's cute,
 but it's NOT a teddy bear.

It doesn't have ears.

He insists it's still a teddy bear.

I say, "Name a teddy bear that doesn't have ears.
 I can't think of one. Can you?"

He says, 
"You and your ears."

I say me and my bears, yes I love them both.  :)


  1. I love your non-eared pumpkin bears! Adorable!

  2. I totally get what you mean! He's not quite a teddy bear without ears! At the moment, he's just some benevolent, cute sort of Anime character! Love your little jacket- it's really nice, gorgeous shape and colour- is it made of velvet? Your art journal inspires me so much! Wow! I'd love to flick through the whole book!

  3. hehe, I find that teddy pretty scary :P like from a horror film or something but hey, that's just me. and Halloween should be scary, right? that's the whole point, I guess.
    anyway, your thrifted skirt is really nice and those boots are super classy!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. everything else about it looks like a teddy bear, but it definitely needs ears!! i love this blue/teal coat on you. the color is so great with your hair!

  5. You might be able to make ears out of oranges and some glue.

  6. It's a cute outfit, but I'm not seeing the link to the inspiration outfit. Or am I just too literal?

    The skirt's diagonal pattern is interesting... very cute!

  7. I love your top/crop jacket! Its such a pretty color and I love that it's velvety (im kind of obsessed with velvet right now) that color looks really good on you and I love that your rights match!

  8. Teddi I love your outfit. Your pointy boots are witchy perfect. I knew that was a Teddi bear even without ears. Your husband is very sweet to have made it for you. The pops of jade in this outfit are beautiful. Happy Halloween! Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  9. Lovely outfit teddi! I am in ore of Ashley, she has such amazing style and I love her blog! Hope you have an amazing halloween and that you're well hun.


  10. omg, that bear is so cute!!!! love that idea of your pumpkin!!!! xo ❤

  11. Awww I love the pseudo teddybear pumpkin- so cute! I forgot to carve my pumpkin and one of the kids called me out on it- oops, better luck next year! Love your thrifted skirt and boots and I remember reading Tuck Everlasting in school, very sad!

  12. AWWW hahaha

    I'm in love with Ashley Madekwe's peplum top, high waist jeans and stilettos!!!!!

    I like your inspiration, your outfit turned out more fall-prove! your boots are beautiful too :)


  13. i just love the color blue of the jacket and tights
    great job

  14. I think your pumpkin's adorable and so is your husband for making him! I take your point about the ears, but I am loving the snout.

    I like your colour of your tights against the print of your skirt.

  15. It still looks like a teddy bear! It kinda looks like an orange snowman, too, though. ;) This outfit may be one of my very favourites.

    PS - If you'd like a copy of Taboo, you can email me at with a mailing adress. It's free, too!


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