Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear fall,

Every year I would get excited by your arrival,
eager to see you in your finest apparel,
showing off your glory.

Halloween me in 2006
My hat is thrifted.
The glasses were a free gift from a work friend.
My gloves once belonged to my great grandmother.

Do I always look so witchy?
Don't answer that!
My necklace and purse were thrifted.

My shoes were thrifted.
I can't remember where I got the dress,
but I don't have it anymore.

Halloween me in 2006, without the hat
My Halloween nails from this year 2012

Dear fall,
Every year we'd go into the mountains to gawk at you. 
While in my car, or walking around the neighborhood, photographing my delight, at the decor.

Neighbor's Halloween decorations 2006

More neighborhood decor from Fall 2006

 My guy's shoes in autumn leaves 2006
 Wizard of Oz & other fun decorated pumpkins from pumpkin alley in 2006

My guy in 2006 

More autumn photos of my husband from 2006

My art Journal page from October 10, 2012

inspired by
Fall In Love from Classes Kara Made

Dear fall,
I'd exclaim and marvel, wherever you made your presence known. Your foliage continues to astound me. 
Thank you for being my favorite season!

With love, 
Teddi  :)


  1. you look so different with you hair like that.. why 2006 costume? did you dress up this year?
    wish we had leaves like those on the ground.. but here, in the desert.. it's mainly palm trees... but I do love fall.. it's my favorite season.. happy halloween teddi!

  2. Halloween photos are always the best for nostalgia. Even a photo from 6 years ago can seem like double from memory. I wish my mom took more photos back then.

  3. how cool are those Halloween decorations! I only see things like that from films and web but not in Estonia :P and your witchy costume is pretty cool too, I must say!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. you never look witchy...unless it's glinda, or some other good witch!

  5. Maybe it's the long necklace and the gloves but that dress reminds me of flapper style, a bit. Too bad you don't have it any longer. Hang on to that hat/fascinator though, it's awesome!!

  6. i love how festive your neighborhood is! the nails are great. and what a fab thrifted costume from the past. looks like it was a splendid halloween!

  7. looks like you had a great time!

  8. Hi friend Ted! I'm in love with your photos, they are full of life ... and I loved your outfit, you look beautiful!
    The forest and the decor of the house is a dream ... I think the U.S. Halloween is so much cooler!

  9. your nails are so awesome!! I love them. So creative. I also love your costume from 06. Gorgeous dress and gloves! How lucky you inherited some pretty gloves from your grandma!

  10. Fall IS the most beautiful season. It's definitely short lived around here. We go from sunny and green to wet and cold pretty quickly! Your nails look cool!

  11. I also love fall. Its my favorite season! The colors are just so beautiful. Pity winter follows way too quickly!

  12. Dear Teddi, your nails were so cool ! Love those Halloween decorations, here in Italy it's not a major holiday so we don't get to see much ! I had been off from work these days and I am dreading the start of the week tomorrow :(((
    Love your 2006 pics !
    Many kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  13. Love your hair from 2006 and those little bat glasses are too cute Teddi. I hope you are finally feeling fall in Texas. I have secretly taken photos of people's decorated fronts. I love the spirit of Fall. Hope you had a great weekend. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  14. Hello bewitching Teddi!. LOL, did you get to dress up this year too?. Your nails were great :). Pls hang on to the bat glasses, they're cute. What a sweet journal page, love all the cute pictures. Did I tell you before that you have a beautiful handwriting?. Hugs.

  15. I also love Fall! This year I got fall longer than ever - in 2 different hemispheres, so, 6 months of fall!!!!!!I do love the leaves on the floor!
    So I justcame back from the doctor and she said I just had a strong cold and the back pain is due to the effort of coughing, so, I'll be brand new in 2 weeks (her words).
    Then I'm back to the blogosphere!
    You didn't look witchy - you looked very classy! I loved the dress, why don't you have it anymore? :(
    Hope you had a great Halloween this year!

  16. Hi Teddi,
    Great photos of Halloween past.

    I do love your journal page and writing to Fall.

    The pumpkin hoodie person is absolutely adorable!

  17. Ooo, I love your October page. We just got our first bit of snow up here today and it's so sad to know the beauty of autumn is over (for now). Your witchy look is very elegant and classy, I might add! ;)


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