Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my birthday 5 yrs ago

The other day I came across these photos of me getting dressed on my birthday in 2007.

If you look at my bed, you can see, I was trying to decide what I was going to wear, before work.
I used the crumbled plastic shopping bags to stuff my boots,
 when I didn't wear them. They help hold their shape.

My guy and I hand stencil painted the border
on the bedroom walls.

In my old house, my closet was so small.
I covered the floor with my shoes,
but my shoes and boots didn't all fit inside it.

I wonder if I knew my husband
was taking my photo? 

I honestly didn't remember these photos.

My mom made my bed spread, the afghan, the square pillow, the blue quilt, and my purple purse.

My friend made the jewelry box,
that my bracelets are stored in.

My brother gave me the white fringed lamp.
Here I'm trying to decide what bracelets to wear.

My bedroom was my favorite room in our old house.

This is me in front of my closet of scarves, and trying to decide what coat to wear.
I painted the teddy bear with the pumpkin on the wall.

   That white framed picture near me with the blue ribbon was given to me by my great grandma Opal. 
It hung on my childhood bedroom wall. 
It was of a girl reading a book in a meadow. She had handwritten my name and the date inside the painting of the book. 
Here I'm trying to get the silly string
that my husband got all over me.

He was paying me back from getting him on his birthday.

Books on left I had checked out at library.
Books on right are the books I got for my birthday.
October 2007  :)


  1. What a fun throwback post! I love the hand drawn stencils on the wall and the homemade bed coverings and pillows! Great idea to stuff the boots with plastic bags and my old place had a verrrryyy small closet- I am thrilled I now have a full room :)

  2. so cool! i love looking back through old pictures. isn't it crazy to think all that's happened since then? love the striped jacket! and the fringe lamp :)


  3. And here comes another birthday.. Love you and miss you wish I could celebrate with you.

  4. What a fun peek into a day in your life in 2007!

  5. you had such a cute and cozy home :) all those embellishments, decorations, artwork, little details make it really special in my eyes. though I'm sure your current home is even better!
    I like posts about bloggers' homes very much btw. so inspirational and exciting.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Ha, ha this post made me laugh! Love the hair style:)

  7. I would bet Miss Daisy doesn't remember half the photos I take of her. I often upload pictures on facebook and she's like "when did you take that?"

  8. Adorable post! I should really separate my books better, because I always forget due dates for library books!

  9. oooh!!! love that bear, is really cute!!! and the paint on the walls, you and you're guy are artists!!!!

  10. hhahaha i hate those birthday strings -.-

    i do the same when selecting accessories: all over the bed!


  11. haha fun post! it's so cool looking back at old pictures, sometimes I'm like whaaa I wore that?! lol

  12. Love this throwback post! Especially the silly string :)

  13. Loving that hair here! what a cute cut!

  14. Ur nephew is so cute
    I would be so happy if you could like my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/RoseHeartMode

  15. I have that lamp in pink!! My aunt gave it to me. I love that your great grandmother's name was Opal. That is a great name. Your mom is very talented, I guess you get it from her. Great hair style, short and sweet. Would you cut it like that again? I am so tempted to cut mine but really a chicken. Have a great day darling Teddi. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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