Thursday, October 11, 2012

when it was still summer

I'm wearing three different kinds of stripes.
1) my striped shirt
2) my striped shorts
3) my zebra striped sunglasses

I'm outside the hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,
looking out on the beach.

Playing card games and Yahtzee,
outside with my guy.
 Notice our hotel room key.

Hotel lobby in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lobby chair close ups

Hotel lobby, seashell decor

I like the details of the lobby table.

My nephew Speed Racer with his mom.

My twin nieces, and my nephew Baby JJ

My art journal page of my tribal inspired crushes.

This Summer I need to let go of perfectionism.
 I know I'm not perfect, but I feel like I really do set such a high standard for myself.
So much pressure.
July 18, 2012


  1. ahhh, summer seems so long ago already! i love your vacation pictures. and if that quote is true, i hope it's not...sure, you should set high standards for yourself because you are a good person...but not unreasonable...because you are a GOOD person!

  2. wow, that is such a beautiful hotel! probably the most beautiful I have seen in a while. brilliant interior design!
    and I'm a huge fan of stripes which means I also like what you wore back then. those sunnies are so cool!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Ted amazing place ... and I love your outfit, combined with the calm and peace of this place ...

  4. Love the mix of stripes and that baby blue chair!!

  5. Hello Triple-Stripes! Your hotel lobby looks pretty fancy. Love that table! Letting go can be so hard...

  6. Wow that hotel is gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing these pictures!

    Glass of Fashion

  7. I absolutely adore stripes, so this is my kind of outfit :)

    Take only Memories

  8. such a cute hotel!


  9. Wow, that hotel is beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! =]

  10. I haven't played yahtzee in years

  11. awesome post!!

    wanna follow each other dear :) ?

    check my blog or follow sometimes

    just comment for followback :)

    and also follow my Bloglovin i'll follow u back

  12. haha the irony was definitely not lost one me. thanks for signing! that means so much to me! =]

  13. i love all of the stripe mixing
    those pants are fabulous

  14. that hotel looks so wonderful! i love the colors featured there.

    lindsey louise

  15. Stripes on stripes looks great! You look so relaxed teddy,the hotel looks lovely!x

  16. omg yahtzee.. I haven't played that game in years!
    cool mixed prints.. and yeah.. I'm showing mr. Time who's in charge.."I'm the boss, applesauce"
    :) happy weekend

  17. this is so good, can't take my eyes of you!

  18. I love the colors of the lobby, so relaxing ! Really a nice hotel, Teddi, were the rooms as beautiful as well ? I hate it when I go to a hotel and the lobby is so nice and the rooms don't meet my expectations ! I love your striped outfit, stripes are always nice to me :-)

    You guessed it right about the other H&M jeans, they're purple ! :-D Wait for some...purple rain soon ! (I am a die hard Prince fan, lol).

    Many kisses my friend !

    Fashion and Cookies

  19. Nice pics !
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Have a great day ;) !

  20. I love love love those chairs!!
    I can't wait for summer :)

  21. Amazingly cool lobby! Looks like you had a fun trip, and looked cute while you were at it!

  22. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I need to say this first of all: I HAVE OCD, so I know how it feels to be perfectionist :/

    i love stripes tops and that hotel lobby looks so home-ish and cozzy<3

    happy week Teddi!

  23. I loved that hotel lobby! And your outfit too! As usual!
    You look so happy in the pics! I can imagine how nice it was there!
    Not using the computer very much here, I have been in a "storm", but wanted to read your latest post!

  24. I love the stripes, the perfectionism painting and the summertime-ness!

  25. Beautiful! :)

  26. Teddi, that hotel lobby looks like a hotel room...just beautiful. Of course you are perfect. God made you in His image. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  27. Beautiful journal I love the colors and the words..

  28. thanks for your comment!
    big kisses, sarah!


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