Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a day late

Yesterday was
 Inspiration Monday.

When the ladies of Two Birds Boutique choose an outfit

 to inspire a personal look.

Here's my version.

The inspiration outfit was:
Rachel Bilson
To see what others wore, look here.

This past weekend, it finally felt like fall, in Texas.
We brought out the layers, and turned on the heater.

...Journeys don't really end.
Even when you reach a destination,

the lessons learned are like organisms,
stretching and evolving into ways you could never anticipate...
from the book 
Found by Tatum O' Neal

...Sometimes I felt like I was missing an outershield,
a thick layer of skin to protect me from the piercing outside air.

I was the sensitive pink underbelly.
Life was too intense for me...  
from the book Found by Tatum O' Neal

My art jounal pages from August 24, 2012
art pages inspired by Art Jounaling with Jenny and Aaron class 1

It says: It spiraled past her comprehension.

It says: Such dizzy making was beyond her control.

...No doubt we will have ups and downs over the years. We may never reconcile our memories of the past.
We will certainly struggle in the present. And the future is still a mystery. I can live with that. What I know for certain is that I tried my hardest, I'm a very courageous survivor, and I'm still out there trying...

from the book Found by Tatum O' Neal


  1. You look wonderful in lavender; I wish it looked half as good on me as it does on you. And I adore your boots!

  2. It looks like Texas was colder than Ottawa, Canada this past weekend, I can't believe it! Love the biker babe jacket and your hair looks so pretty tied up like that.

  3. i love that touches of scrapbook you always do on your posts!! and i really love rachel bilson's style, but i love even more your version, i mean, its just yours, and thats amazing!!!


  4. I love the close up of your face, I think it's a really great photo.

  5. I really love that jacket! Its such a pretty, soft color! Looks really good on you and it matches perfectly with your top!


  6. I love your blazer and pants Teddi, different shades of purple! ヅ

  7. This look is very cool and fits you perfectly !

  8. Lavender is one of my favorite colors...
    and you look lovely in purple, dear!

  9. love your wonderful outfit ♥♥♥♥ (:

  10. This is a really lovely colour combination, with the navy, camel and then the softer pinkish/purple hue. It must be chilly down south if you're wearing gloves!

    How many art journals have you made to date? Do you keep them all as mementos of your past?

  11. i love the floral print on your shirt, and that military-esque blazer! and as always, those booties are so great!

  12. oh, such sweet lilac shades :) I like purple and lilac and I even wore those today, hehe. wearing the variations of one specific colour is great in my opinion. and your boots are something I also love. perfect for autumn!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. looks great in lavender hun :D that jacket is awesome!

  14. Looking very pretty girl and love the jacket on you.

    <3 Marina

  15. love that you used pink, a favorite color of mine to be sure
    i am also totally jealous of the headband, i try so hard to pull off that look and the darn things just don't stay on my tiny head.
    funny that you posted Tatum. she is the #1 celeb that everyone tells me i look like. i don't see it, but it must be there lol

  16. That is such a beautiful colour, esp on you!

    Thank you always for the lovely comments on my blog, seriously makes my day!!

    She xx
    She may be the Song that Summer Sings

  17. Finally I'm here again!
    I liked your outfit very much, especially the boots - I love boots! It's not so cold here yet, I'm not wearing gloves yet! You look really beautiful!
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  18. beautiful art pages!

    Amanda Rose

  19. Hello dear Teddi! Once again, I am blown away by your amazing art journal and inspirational words. I popped over from the Inspiration Monday linkie- sorry I am so late to come over, I always forget to go back and check the other blogs after I’ve read those posted above me! You look wonderful in this pretty combo- such a nice blouse particularly!x

  20. What a sweet and beautiful face. Headband is great and the colors in this outfit look perfect with your red hair. Have a great weekend. Yay for cooler temp down there. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  21. Have you considered putting some shoulder pads into the jacket to give it a little more structure?

    It's such a pretty jacket, but I don't like the way it hangs off your shoulders.

  22. Heh, I'm working my way through your archives, but i had to stop at this look, I love it so much! Those booties of yours are fantastic, the little bit of fringe is so fun and the brown goes so nicely with your purple pants. One of my very favorites of your outfits!
    (All of your family pictures are so sweet, you have the cutest nieces and nephews!)


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