Thursday, October 25, 2012

autumn senses

Sometimes autumn smells like
 wood smoke outside, from neighbors.

Me in Autumn 2005

There's a chill in the air.

My nephew Baby JJ this October 2012

My husband J says,
 "In Texas, it
 doesn't smell like snow.
 It smells like rain."

I was walking to the cemetery.
 by my old house, in October 2005

Our front entry way is always full, of dead brown leaves.
Me at the cemetery October 2005

It sometimes sounds like wind.

My nephew Speed Racer at the pumpkin patch
 October 2012

It sounds like cheers from the football games,
 at the middle school, behind us.

My twin nieces at the pumpkin patch 2012

It sounds like children playing football in the street.

My  painted pumpkins in October 2007

He says it tastes like pumpkin coffee, 
(which I don't drink).
Left: my painted pumpkin
Right: my husband's painted pumpkin
October 2007

I say it tastes like Halloween candy, and my birthday treat.
Art Journal page  written October 2
artfully made October 10, 2012 
 inspired by Fall In Love from Classes Kara Made

I used to burn 
Salt City Candles.
They smelled like candy corn, baked apple pie,
 pumpkin spice, sugar cookies, and gingerbread.


  1. LOVE that journal page!! And I want a better look at that necklace your wearing! ;)

  2. I wish we get rain instead of snow! those pumpkins are fun, I love that fake hair you gave one of them!

  3. I love the wood smoke smell, and hats are so perfect for Fall!

  4. my favourite is the photo where you are walking towards the mountains. such great background! and all those pumpkins! we don't have those Halloween traditions here in Estonia so it's exciting to see what you have been up to during Halloween ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. some more great pumpkins!! and your pirate nephew is adorable!!

  6. Gorgeous first 2 photos, you look like a pro model Teddi!
    I love your pumpkin painted in blue! ヅ

  7. Love your sweater and hat in these photos, you look so pretty! Cute nephews and pumpkins :) I love burning yummy candles this time of year! I have quite the collection since I used to work at bath and body works.

  8. This post smells like freedom !

  9. Haha teddy the pumpkins look totally genius!!x

  10. Beautiful pictures and I love your journal inspiring! Love the pumpkin paintings. I love autumn too..there is something about it. :)

    Heel in Mint

  11. what a sweet diary-photo journal, it must've been great living in the country side<3 you have a comfortable, warm life<3. and your nephews are so cute.<3

  12. Your posts are so evocative Teddi! I didn't realize how much I associate autumn with wood smoke until I smelled some in the countryside when I was living in Australia, and I suddenly had this very sudden and strong homesickness as I remembered I would miss Thanksgiving at home. Then I remembered the beaches and felt better ;)

    I love to get a sense of day-to-day life for people who live elsewhere. In Canada you wouldn't hear kids playing football in the street, it would be the banging of wooden or plastic hockey sticks from a game of street hockey...maybe an occasional window breaking ;)

  13. how pretty you look in the second picture<3

    love the pumpkins!!

    happy week dear,

  14. my fav season!!! the celebrations, the colors of the leafs, the spirit, the clothes, the wind.... I JUST LOVE AUTUMN!! And your hat is perfect, can i borrow it??


  15. such cute photos and pumpkins. happy fall and happy halloween!

    come say hello-

  16. Teddi, your painted pumpkins were so beautiful ! Have you painted any this year ?? I can sense the smell of Autumn from your post, and I like it. Your pics from 2005 are so pretty, lovely colors and how pretty you are with that hat !
    Your pirate nephew is too cute to handle :)
    Kisses !

    Fashion and Cookies

  17. Pumpkin Nutmeg pie scented candles are my favourite! I love your painted pumpkins, they are truly a work of art and dead leaves are all over our house too!

  18. Aww, the pumpkin patch photo is my favourite! And the pirate hat is classic!


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