Thursday, October 4, 2012

being bold

She was more than just her bold outfit.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 2012 RTW

Anna Sui Fall 2012 RTW

 She dreams of a technicolor life.

Alice + Olivia Fall RTW 2012

Anna Sui Fall 2012 RTW

Forget rose or purple tinted glasses.

She wanted psychedelic ones.

My niece EJ

My niece Lil Bug

My nephew Baby JJ

My nephew Speed Racer

Local art my guy and I  saw:

left image by Mary Ann White
right image by Carole Harston

by Billy Hassell

by Jo Ann Dunham

My art journal page
from June 2012
  I did a magazine image transfer.
Then I used oil pastels directly on the transfer,
and then glued it to the paper I painted.

My art journal page from June 22, 2012
I used papers I painted and collaged.

Self portrait photo from 2010

I'm wearing the hat and sunglasses


  1. loving this post!
    I want phsychedelia all the time

  2. I love the trench from the first photo and also those sunnies and scarf. I want them all (in my dreams of course, haha), to be honest.
    oh and some of those paintings you and your guy saw are so my cup of tea! colourful and fascinating!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. i love vivienne westwood! and eat nap love it SO cute! have a great weekend!

  4. eat

    what a beautifu; day!!! no worries teddi, my week has being better everyday!! in fact yesterday i FOUND 40 $ ON THE FLOOR IN SMITHS, SO, EVERYTHING IS GOING OK! HAHAHA


  5. Very nice technique you used here..and the color scheme is fav is still the one about the thrift shopping, and that is because it reminds me of me..I need that for my

  6. love the vivian westwood!
    great post!
    want to follow each other?

  7. That Alice and Olivia look is adorable! And the Anna Sui is positively making me melt. It makes me want some bubblegum pink tights. You always pick out the best runway looks.

    May the force be with you.

  8. Love the scarfs and tights!! I love making a bold statement with my outfits. Pretty art too!

  9. I love the colorful collection.
    Your niece and nephew are always adorably cute! ヅ

  10. Your niece and nephew are so beautiful :)

  11. Teddi hi! I'm back! Thanks for dropping in as always. I am playing catch up as usual. I love that magazine transfer you did in your art journal. What a great page! I copied the Anna S. outfit for inspiration. When I wear the outfit I will give you credit for the inspiration. How is the weather where you are? Is it still warm? Ugh, you know how I can't stand the warm weather. Have a great day. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  12. That magazine image transfer is such a neat idea and I love the local art you saw! Plus those psychedelic nieces and nephews of yours are adorable as usual!

  13. Ted my friend! \ o / I miss you!
    Longing to come by, and comnetra to your blog, I've been very busy, working muito.Eu loved all the choices made ​​for this post, and I'm in need of a red skirt! =)

  14. I think it finally feels like fall in sc too. Yesterday was so cold I had 2 shirts and my coat.

  15. Gorgeous image transfer!!. I never made a good transfer, ever. LOL. Pretty mysterious colors too, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!.


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