Saturday, March 26, 2011

ode 2 BB

Bluebonnets sway

in meadows they play
Beauties in blue
I gaze at you.
Stunningly dance 

google search
as I take a glance.
At your rare form
with azure adorned.
Your shades in array 
my eyes are amazed.
Bluebonnets so prim 
etsy source
moved by the wind.

The very first spring my guy and I came to Texas, to see if maybe we could live here. It was during spring break. He worked while, I went to the Dallas Museum of Art. They had a section of Julian Onderdonk's work. He was known as the bluebonnet artist.I saw many of these or similar paintings. I asked if this is really what the bluebonnets looked like. I remember one lady saying in the hill country yes. That Onderdonk's work is a strong resemblance.
by Julian Onderdonk
Meadows of pure 
by Julian Onderdonk
gorgeous allure. 
by Julian Onderdonk
Beauties in blue

by Julian Onderdonk
I'm taken by you. poem by  bookworm44
by chantal's stained glass
by Kaleidoscope Art Glass
by Floy Height flickr source

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