Sunday, March 13, 2011

luv these lil ones

Here's my niece.

Here's my nephew.
Baby C is at the age where he is curious about the world and exploring. Basically he's just getting into everything. 
He's crying here because he likes to sit on the top of the slide, & he was starting to fall down.
Baby C is riding with one of my fave dogs, owned by one of my fave people.
Well on the day these photos were taken his Grandma was watching him. He knocked over the standing lamp, so the light bulb shattered glass everywhere. Grandma put him in his high chair while she cleaned the mess. 
Then he brings the dog into the bathroom and shuts the door. The dog didn't like it because she was howling. While in the bathroom, he pulls out the cabinet drawer, dumps the contents all over the floor, then starts playing in it. Good times Baby C!      ;)

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