Sunday, March 13, 2011

dear friend

I smiled. I cried. Our friendship started when you turned around in the
 desk in front of me. It was our junior year. We were in that history class with the big bellied, lazy teacher. 

Nearly everytime he opened his mouth his politics made me cringe. I ended up transferring out of his class because I was bored to tears.Then I got into a class I liked a lot more, but I also had to work  a lot harder. 
Before all that happened we were passing papers forward or back in the row. You asked me if I was going to the school dance. I can't remember which one it was. I know it was some girl's choice.
Of course I said "No!"

Was it because I didn't believe in school dances as my form of rebellion? Or I just didn't have a boyfriend? I never did attend a school dance.
Remember in college you helped me get ready for that "Homecoming"? You curled every strand of my hair. When the guy picked me up, and we got to the school he opened the door. I peeked in and said, "I just can't do it."   He asked me where I wanted to go instead, I told him just take me home. Well... I didn't like his politics either. 

I only said yes because the guy I ended up marrying was supposed to go with us. But his wallet got lost that day, at the golf course, & so he didn't go either. I guess you could say I was kinda a hot mess. 

Yeah, I know, not much has changed. Love ya.

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