Sunday, March 13, 2011

art, friends...

To you, this make look like a mix of convoluted random shots and words. In my mind, they're all connected.

 I got these new cool crayons.
I took them to my friend's house where I worked on art exercises.
Look at all the colors in one crayon! It's a beautiful thing. That'll probably the only time I quote Martha Stewart.
We talked about funny smells, pleasant smells, California, Texas, North Carolina, and tummy aches.
They talked about Sea World, the Dallas Aquarium, the Fort Worth Zoo, Disney World vs. Disneyland, Florida and Georgia.
This is from another art event with friends. Our theme was black & white. This is the back of my box.
This is the front of my box.
It's unfinished. I think it's too cutesy for me.
This is the inside of my box. I have to smear some black paint or blood all over it, or something. I'm joking, well... sort of.
Guess what?  I really like to start projects...This is from another art event with friends from last month.
Face exercise sketches. I know I should probably throw them away.
She was supposed to be for a love theme challenge I was working on last month. As you can see I haven't finished her either.
One of my friends was wearing this t-shirt. I want it! My other friend said she would look & pick it up for me if she found it.
A different friend asked me if I liked the new shattered polish. I said you have it? She says, "Yeah 2 and a half weeks ago."I said,"I went to 5 different stores. One of them twice. It was sold out everywhere!" She says she'll pick it up for me if she sees it.
Blind contour drawings underneath the unfinished giraffe sketch.
Here's some more weirdo faces.
The other day I met this lady that made this homemade 4 berry muffin. It has blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, & a lemon glaze topping. It's the best muffin I ever ate!
Also my queen of crafting friend made this most delicious homemade brownie of goodness!
Okay, now do you see how everything was connected? Maybe?

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  1. teddi...I so love your rendition of this evening... I was so ahappy to see you again...wish I could have stayed longer...and had a brownie too...not sure why I din't have one.... :D


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