Sunday, March 27, 2011

hey! hey! hey!

When I first saw these photos of my nephew I thought he was wearing some 70's style Fat Albert kids' hat.

I was wrong. I know, it's a frequent occurrence.
My nephew is wearing his pajama bottoms on his head.

Then I remembered somebody else who used to wear their clean underwear on their head, while they played Nintendo. I so wish I had photos of that.
I won't say who, but I bet you can guess. No, it wasn't me. I don't really dig on video games.
 I think so and so got the idea from this bad, sexist, 80's movie.

Okay, so instead of tighty whities, the movie characters wore bras. But I wasn't about to leave mine lying around for anyone to pick up and wear.

Not that they'd want to, but still.

Warning: this video clip is probably for adults because there are some bare bottoms and innuendo images. Yep, just like my life.

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