Sunday, March 13, 2011

mermaid blue

Mermaid blue was the color theme I wore last week.
This body wash doesn't just smell like coconuts, it reminds me of sunny days, & the ocean.

Some guy told me these shoes were ugly once. I think he was just being passive aggressive because I told him I didn't like his new skate shoes as well as his old ones.
I got this at a thrift store eons ago. It's not as slutty as it appears. I swear, I always wear a  long tank untucked underneath.
Here's a recent thrift store purchase. This jacket is lined with brown satiny material inside.
I'm trying to show the brown is corduroy & the flowers are all embroidered.
Here's a jacket someone sewed for me years ago. What's funny is I remember telling her it was too cold for me to ever wear this. Well for where I live now, it happens to be perfect.
It's still as pretty as it ever was event through all my washings and wearings.
Here's another thrifted purchase.
I just love how this material reminds me of a quilt.
I've had this purse for years. I think the back shown here is as cute as the front.
This belt was bought a couple months ago from guess where? The thrift store.
My blouse here is another thrifted find. The reversible headband is years old from the dollar bin at a retail store that no longer seems to have cool stuff in their dollar bins. 
I know this is a massive amount of horribly, goofy photos of me. My guy and I don't do this very often. If we do take this many pix, we rarely show them all. Because I feel ridiculously silly.
So unlucky for you, today I'm feeling generous. Don't worry it's infrequent occurrence.
No, it's not Popeye. It's the Bell's Palsy I got over 4 years ago that has permanently left my face crooked. I'm only showing this picture to point out to people that tell me that they can't see it. When obviously they can. How can you NOT see that? There it is plain as day. It frustrates me beyond belief.
The other day, the cashier in the store, whom I complimented her perfect navy, royal blue fingernail polish with her matching uniform said to me that my purse coordinated with my outfit.
 My response was "Always."
When I looked at these photos of myself, something about them made me thing of my 6th grade school picture. Oh the agony!

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  1. your so cute teddi...I love your style perfectly... :D


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