Wednesday, March 9, 2011

local happenings

The other night we saw a couple local bands. Seryn and Bosque Brown I didn't know myspace was still in existence. Did you? 
We didn't take photos because the venue was odd. It was in a museum.  It just would've felt invasive or something. My guy won free tickets. I stole these photos off their websites. Hey, I'm trying to give free publicity here.
Bosque Brown

BOSQUE BROWN - "Phone Call" live from James M. Johnston on Vimeo.

Boswue Brown
I really wish we had taken photos though because Seryn was very interesting they all played multi instruments. One guy was playing a guitar, the drums, and the tamborine all at the same time. There were two violinists, banjo, two three acoustic guitars, stand up bass, a few different drums, two different types of xylophones, keyboard, grand piano, accordion.

Seryn - This is Where We Are from WeDentonDoIt on Vimeo.

I'm sure I'm forgetting an instrument or giving it the wrong name. They had this plastic container they would shake for sound effects. We couldn't tell what was inside. My guy said it was silverware. They even used violin bows on xylophones for sound. All their different voices in harmony. It was beautiful.

Their style reminded me of The Fleet Foxes. Here's some Fleet Foxes to compare.

The other day my guy and I went to see some art at the museum. We didn't take photos. He said it wasn't worth my time even to try & find ones similar to the stuff we saw. Let's just say we weren't impressed. It wasn't anything we enjoyed looking at. Maybe the meaning of the art was simply over our heads.

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