Wednesday, September 15, 2010

white purses after labor day

it must be white and not cream. it must have a strap so i can carry it on my shoulder. it must be comfortable without being too bulky or too dainty. i would prefer it to be recycled as in not brand new cause that's better for my world. i want one, i've wanted one since last yr. when i got rid of my old white purse that was not cutting it anymore. i've been feeling like goldilocks. they are all too big ,too small, or too expensive. these are the shape and size i prefer, i think. and yes i would totally use and wear a white purse after labor day because i have cute white sandal and white heeled boots. since i live in texas i can wear the sandals one day and the boots on another. remember my birthday is fast approaching. ;) not that i want to get older,blah, but i don't really have any say in the matter.

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