Monday, September 27, 2010

another night with a sweet little boy

The other night I watched Little T while his parents went on a date. He always tries to drink my water, and I tell him "No!"In all these photos he's thinking he's being sneaky, and getting away with it. He doesn't realize I'm in on the game. We played outside with his choo choo train, and toy lawn mower. We talked about all the sounds we heard, and all the things we saw. We crawled into his pretend fire truck, and danced to music in his bedroom. He got to eat a banana, a pickle, fruit snacks and cereal. I made him clean up his mess, and he helped me sweep the floor. He spun around in circles, until he was swaying like a drunk, so dizzy he had to lay down. Together we laughed a lot! Of course we both had fun.

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