Sunday, September 26, 2010


The other day I was watching the new Glee episode. I noticed in the intro credits that Glee was created by Ryan Murphy. I had a rare light bulb moment. Ryan Murphy also created one of my fav cult classics from the late 1990's the tv show Popular.   If you don't believe me check out the top youtube video or google his name. It's no wonder I like Glee, cause this girl loved her Popular. It was a little more funny, over the top, & perhaps raunchier then Glee. In the more socially controversial way I roll. I wonder if you can guess which character I was most like? Truthfully I had pieces of me in all of the girls. That was on the tv station that I mostly watched back in the day. The WB  had a frog logo that looked like the frog from the Honeysmacks cereal.Why would anyone want a frog in their cereal? That WB frog also resembles Jiminy Cricket. Don'tcha think? Sometimes I do, but then again me and thinking.It's another rarity.

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