Monday, September 13, 2010

albania or italy?

some would call it food porn. i call it lunch at my favorite italian restaurant with my guy. we ordered the house pizza that includes: spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, eggplant, and artichokes. when the guy came to our table he said meat lovers special? ha-ha. we also got broccoli and spinach linguine alfredo, baked ziti, homemade garlic rolls, and tiramisu. when the waiter brought out the cake he said, cannolis? i said you're not from here because you say you guys. he said i'm from brooklyn where we say yous guys with an S. i asked if his tattoo hurt the NY initials from his home state on his arm. he said no, but the albania symbol did. i said you been to albania? he said yeah my dad's dad is from there. then i said you know what i know about albania. albania, albania you border on the adriatic. that was from a cheers episode. the coach used it as a study trick he made up that song. waiter guy says he knows the tv show cheers, but he doesn't know what episode i'm talking about. that's okay i do. also we didn't eat all the food although mr. waiter told us he would give us a deal if we did. we took most of it home for later. cause as usual my eyes are bigger than whatever.

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