Sunday, March 14, 2010

JT & band

huge st. paddy's day celebration in downtown dallas. people were dressed like green drunken idiots! it made me laugh and they were having a good time, so what did i care? saw Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights. the drummer came on stage pimped out shirtless all tatted with gaudy jewelry, 70's hat, and shades (LOL) lead guitarist was sporting bell bottoms , sunglasses, and hat too. jonathan tyler looked like he had a hangover, and the bassist looked like lead singer of ac/dc? or maybe it's meatloaf? of course the female singer looked great.
now the playing was off the hook! i was watching guitarist doing all those chords while still wearing the slide on his ring finger, (impressive!).

later in another city, ran into some guys sporting the mardi gras beads and green gear so i knew they were downtown earlier too. they were bad mouthing JT's band saying they were unimpressed with how unrevolutionary and local sounding they were. telling me JT is a band for girls (well there were plenty of men there rocking out) they knew it all cause they're musicians. well i'm a musician too. they say JT is a nice person & good musician, but he's no Dylan or Zeppelin.

yeah well Dylan may have been a great songwriter, but i don't really want to hear him sing (ok?). anything new or revolutionary i mean are you talking about stuff like Dead Weather? "No Dead Weather sucks a*$!" i agree i saw them in concert and was unimpressed. "you outta check out the band...!" Why is that your band?"No!" as for Zeppelin, (one of my top 10 fav bands) Jimmy Page stole many of his riffs from blues musicians. how original is that? "she's right! he stole them from.......and he didn't even credit them in the liner notes!" (which just proves this girl can hold her own while talking music, so uh, kiss it).

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