Sunday, March 7, 2010


i saw this interview about jewel and when she sang it brought tears to my eyes. she said when she wrote who will save your souls? she wrote the chord progression in the order she had learned how to play the chords. she was street singing and people watching when she came up with the lyrics. she said she avoided the drugs and alcohol trap because she wanted to be present in dealing with her emotions by facing them head on and not escaping them. she also said that when she wrote the song hands when she was broke and going to steal a sun dress she wanted,but couldn't afford. she had a jolt of why was she doubting herself so much that she didn't think she could earn the $39.00 to buy a dress? she thought about all the things her hands could do and realized she could use them in a negative way or believe in herself and use them to write a song, which is exactly what she did at age 18. so for all those haters i don't care. she has the number one selling book of poetry of all time. whether you like her work or not, that is impressive! her poetry healed her, and i'm sure she's not the only one.

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