Monday, March 8, 2010


..."She only made what she knew would impress you."... "But how can you walk away from something, and still come back to it?" ..."Walk around the world." "Small world." "She spied on our lives through the dolls eyes, and saw we weren't happy. So she lured us away with treasures and treats, and games to play, gave all that we asked, but we still wanted more. So we let her sew the buttons. She said she loved us, but she locked us here, and ate up our lives." ..."Well she can't keep me in the dark forever. Not if she wants to win my life." "Perhaps if you do win your escape you can find our eyes." "Has she taken those too?" "Yes... and hidden them. Find our eyes...Our souls will be free." ..."The doll is her spy. It's how she watches you, finds out what is wrong with your life...She's got this whole world where everything is better...But it's all a trap."..."Don't you only make wings for the dead ones?" ..."Just looking ahead dear...hasn't been feeling very well of late."...
..."Challenge her then. She might not play fair, but she won't refuse. She's got a thing for games."... "Why don't you have your own key?" "Only one key." ..."Why don't we play a game? I know you like them." "Everybody loves games." "Uh huh."..."It ain't all bad...thou art still alive. Thou art still living."...

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