Friday, November 6, 2009

the used

walking into the building i hear a girl call out and point to my t-shirt saying how she wants a used t like that, (spring of 2008).
it's crowded. i think earshot is a better band with better music. is the used just trendy? we can't get close to the front on the side, i'm on my tiptoes again. it's barely 9PM we only get to hear the last song of the almost's set. there is no rhyme or reason to when a band will start. every show is different.

i talk to big texan guy asking why it's so crowded, the used is a utah band. he says "texans loved the used. they are one of his favorite bands" (not mine). he's seen them twice. so have we. one of the times we shared was edgefest. we talk about smaller venues vs larger stadiums.

there's a 6 yr old with her parents rocking in the front room with her arm raised to the beat of the music.

lead singer's best line of the night was "we just released a new album about a month ago. if you don't have it already, head down to walmart and steal that sh***!" he always makes me laugh.

after the show people are so inebriated they can barely function. mostly swaying barely standing there's a girl walking on sides of her high heel boots. i often wonder why the music isn't enough for people to have a good time.

we step outside, and for a minute i think i see white snow, like it's in the air barely fallen. i realize i'm thinking of the wrong place. sure enough the only thing in the sky is the full, bright, yellow, orange moon.

i ask him so which show did you like better? the used here, or in utah? he says "utah, but maybe it's cause i liked the music they played there better."

i say no, in utah it was a better show, cause utah used to be their home state.

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