Tuesday, November 17, 2009

boiler room

we went to see a band that requested friends on myspace, but we didn't like them. they have been deleted. we left after their 2nd song.

the night was definitely not wasted because we discovered the band redefine. with their fusion of guitars i could barely tell who was leading and who was rhythm. they were so on!

guy who knew all the lyrics, let me front row, in center. he thought it was great fun to touch the guitarist's thigh while his eyes were closed, during his solo . i was certain he thought i did it cause he was standing directly in front of me, but that would be a NO! he was playing the guitar i wanted at the guitar show. i've seen 3 local bands now play that same guitar, in that same color.
it must be another dfw texas thing. what's up with musicians wearing boy scout shirts on stage? but what do i care? i was too busy banging my head!

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