Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving 2009

I think this building near the truck is a residential jail, guys hanging outside, fenced in, barbed wire on top. I wonder how they feel? He says, "Being trapped there?"

I follow him as we ride along. He says, "Want me to capture a turtle?" No, I don't want anything to be captured. Look at the purple flowers they made to say Go Frogs. He said, "I think it's purple paint." Well my idea is better.

There's a tree I want to paint. There's a couple in love by the water, a poem in memory of, and benches with in honor of. There is one that says a name, 1979-2001 He lived all the days of his life. Who wouldn't want that said about them?

A family is looking at a statue. Is it Mark Twain? I get off my bike, and look at the book held in the statue's hand. Yep, it's titled Huckleberry Finn, and I point to the title. As I ride away. The father shows his son the title, explaining in Spanish.

I collect leaves for stencil shapes. I throw some his way. I see the hill. He knows what I'm going to do next.

There's a pair of dirty socks someone left behind, maybe to wade in the water. Why does the water look so pretty from a distance? It looks blue- green far away, then up close it's muddy dirt brown. I balance on a tree branch like a see saw.

I sing my favorite bike riding song from The Wizard of Oz (when the Wicked Witch whizzes by on her bike) duh, data, data, duh.. We hear the ice cream man ring his bell, as he pushes his cart. He is also a locksmith based on the window signs on his van. What else is he selling?

See the bear with one eye bigger than the other? What do you think of the Jackson Pollack inspired graffiti? How about the painted Texas trees with halos on them?

Back at the truck, I bet those guys get mashed potatoes and turkey today. I look through the fence seeing men laughing and calling to each other. Hip hop music is playing. I guess jail is bearable. There's another truck across the way. This one has Metallica, Lamb of God, and Disturbed stickers on the back window.

On the way home, Let's get nachos and a slurpee from 7-Eleven! I hear a baby behind the counter. The cashier recorded his baby's voice, and it's his ring tone. The girl cashier says to the customer, "You gonna give it to me?" She's talking to the customer about his case of Heinken, but I bust out laughing anyway.

"Have a good day and a Happy Thanksgiving!"

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