Sunday, November 8, 2009

dia de los muertos

i exclaim at a painting i admire, then look at the name , and see it was created by one of my friends, sylvia! i left a message at the community altar for all those who have passed on.

last night i was putting away the bracelets i was wearing in my small jewelry box. one of the bracelets is an old necklace my great grandmother wore. i wear it wrapped around my wrist. as i look into the box, i see the other half to the pair of my grandma's old earring. it belonged to the daughter of the necklace. she was the lover of big dangly earrings. it is the earring i thought i had misplaced. this is the second time i thought i have lost one, to find it in an unexpected place, months later. they are my favorite pair of hers, and i will continue to wear them.

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