Sunday, November 8, 2009

my tattoo

the tattoo convention was this weekend, but it was expensive so we didn't attend. we walked by this shop, and i had to go inside.
i unknowingly chose a shop owned by a vegetarian.

the girl's name is jamie. she's a real artist. i saw photos of tattoos she has copied of masterpieces onto other's bodies like salvador dali and vincent van gogh's starry night. she's shown her art work at a gallery in deep ellum. she's been tatooing for 3 years. on her purse is a picture of the beatles. her fiance' plays in a punk band called specter 45 that was voted one of the best bands by dallas observer. she gets into shows for free at the house of blues cause his dad created the paintings on the walls there.

i knew exactly what i wanted because i've been planning it for years. i wanted a tattoo since the age of 17, but my aunt told me to wait a year to be certain. it's based on the picasso dove, but i wanted jamie to make it her own.

it's on my upper right shoulder. this time i chose the scar that would be on the right side of my body. the love is on the wing. it means peace within.


  1. Your tatt looks great!! I want one, but just can't figure out what kind of dragon I want. I'm so picky. I want it to be perfect. :)


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