Tuesday, May 28, 2013

robin red breast

Some times I've worn red
Left: Autumn 2011
Middle: Summer 2010
Right: Autumn 2006

Some looks featuring red

 Left: Brood Spring RTW 2013
Right: Carolina Herrera Spring RTW 2013

Left: Anna Sui Spring RTW 2013
Right: Betsey Johnson Spring RTW 2013

Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring RTW 2013

Some little ones with red
My twin nieces EJ, Lil Bug,
 and my nephew Baby JJ

My nephew Speed Racer with my brother

Some red nature shots by my guy
Top left: American Robin Red Breast
Top right: 
Summer Tanager
Bottom left: 
Summer Tanager
Bottom right: Texas wildflowers I don't know what kind.

My art journal page from May 26, 2013
RED- The color of Browne bear's truck.
Like a robin redbreast or a cardinal bird.
Kimmie bear's favorite color.
Strawberries are my guy's favorite fruit.
I don't like red jell-o.
I don't like 
jell-o at all.

Rockin' Robin by Old Rips

..."He rocks in the tree top all day long
Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singing his song
All the little birds on Jaybird Street
Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet

Rockin' robin, (tweet, tweet, tweet)
Rockin' robin' (tweet, tweedle-lee-dee)
Go rockin' robin
'Cause we're really gonna rock tonight
(Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee)"...Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day


  1. I love how you always manage to pull so many elements into your themes. It's brilliant. You look lovely in red by the way.

  2. aww sweet photo of her in the clifford ride. I actually got my nephew a clifford dvd on xmas and my other brother got him a clifford stuffed animal by coincidence. The first thing he did after the xmas party was watch clifford...with clifford.

  3. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Cheryl Hines? I've been trying to figure out who you remind me of and that middle picture just made me click!!

    I love you in red, and your journal pages are always so beautiful!

    P.S The outfits in Gatsby were marvellous, so extravagant and beautiful! I wish I grew up in the 20s! xx

  4. I love the brood and Betsey Johnson dresses! So fun. And those birds are so cute :) I didn't used to like the color red much but its growing on me!

  5. Red color doesn't suit me maybe because I'm thinking about it in that way! hahaha! My fave color is blue & black (if you consider black as a color).
    Beautiful runway inspirations Teddi, I love the design of Brood Spring RTW 2013. ^◡^

    Fashionmoto Blog

  6. i love red!
    it's my favorite color.. digging those runway looks..and your journal pages! ...and about the evil eye, well it is a "look" that is supposed to harm or bring bad luck to the person at whom it is directed...not a nice thing huh?..
    but don't worry, I won't give you the evil eye.. just the wink and a smile ;)

  7. I love red, I always feel powerful when I wear it! How cool is the dress with white collar! x

  8. I remember I used to dislike red quite a lot but then just took a red piece and wore it and really started to like it, especially with black and white. so I definitely like your red looks and red inspirational runway pics. +red goes well with your hair in my opinion ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. i don't love jell-o at all, either. but i love red!!

  10. I really like the middle pic, your over-sized red headband is cute. I don't wear much red, it's a tricky colour - you have to find just the right shade for your skin tone or it doesn't work.

  11. Ah, finally the jet lag is over! I loved the picture of Summer 2010 and your nephews and nieces, as usual - they are lovely! Red is my favorite color, so what can I say, I loved your post! Guess what, I don't like jell-o either!

  12. Red is such a great colour on you! xo

  13. another fun post, doll! red is always great for the spirit. keeps the heart wild and protected from bad vibes. great choice ;)


  14. before i started blogging i didn't have one item of red in my wardrobe
    now i love it

  15. Ted'm suspect to talk of red .. it is one of my favorite colors ...
    Red leaves us full of life and energy!

  16. Your post always is so interesting, This time with all the things you have collected for the color RED... so gorgeous...Love your journal page so much...it is so personal ♥ I don´t wear red at all...always grab the pink things like a Magpie grab the glitterstuff ;) ♥ Conny

  17. Your nephew's red vest and your red journal pages made me smile. Have an awesome day!

  18. you are the coolest! thanks for donating to help me buy a camera! :)

  19. Red to me says ruby lips, porcelain skin and jet-black hair. And masquerade attire as in your journal post and I'm hooked. I always like seeing what runway looks you'll pull into your posts. I'm really liking the super-preppy starched collar and short-sleeved knit sweater.

    Do you like red in the summer?

  20. I think red looks wonderful on you, my friend ! Loving your post, as always =) Kisses and have a good sunday !

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  21. I've barely got any red clothing myself.

  22. Love the red journaling! I love the top picture. I love the inspiration pictures as well. I like the red dress with the collar.

  23. Red is the most gorgeous color of all. It's so bold and fiery, but romantic too. Those two Herchcovitch looks are divine. I love the big red heart in the middle of all that plaid.

    May the force be with you.

  24. Red can be so chic and classy! Love it!


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