Tuesday, June 4, 2013

of arcadia and things

I'm one day behind inspiration monday.

The ladies Megan and Nora of Two Birds Boutique
chose an outfit to inspire a look.

Here's my version of the look.To see how others styled it go to:
inspiration monday: the motherload.

Today's inspiration is:
Lauren Conrad

...Sometimes you have to let time carry you past your troubles she says. Believe me...

from book 
Arcadia by Lauren Groff

I hand painted my earrings yellow.earrings: Michael's craft store dollar bin 

Yes, it looks like I need to iron my dress.
left bracelet: hand painted by my friend's mom
right bracelets: made by cousin, mom, and various stores

Yes, my poses are silly.
dress: thrifted
shoes: thrifted

My art journal page from May 30, 2013

Sometimes I have to shut the windows
 and doors. It's allergy season! 
I have to take allergy medicine every day.
Today my friend told me that she heard, it's more windy in Dallas than in Chicago.
I believe it.

...watch day begin to hatch to yellow...from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff

all nature photos  taken by my guy
...flowers spread on the ground like small open mouths,
 purple bells, white stars with golden hearts...
from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff

...The trees whisper among themselves...from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff

...into a love song, voices broken and beautiful.
The song rises and infiltrates the city and wakes the inhabitants, one by one, from their oven dark dreams, and all across the island, people sit up in bed to listen to it lap around them, an ocean of kindness...
from book Arcadia by Lauren Groff


  1. it's been a windy year over here. One gust almost took me off the ground.

  2. Totally intrigued by your painting your earrings.
    Were they metal and what did you paint them with?

  3. Love your earrings! And I especially love your dress un-ironed, I think it makes it look so boho chic and whimsical!!

    Beautiful quotes from the book too xx

  4. I have the worst allergies and so do my kiddos! I totally feel your pain!!! I love the thrifted dress. it's so unique. and how cool that you painted your earrings!


  5. Your art journal page strikes a chord in me, I just love dandelion imagery!

  6. I like those fun poses and I think it's awesome when bloggers sometimes offer something fun to their readers. I also like the fact your outfit is thrifted, or most of it is but still a lot! you look lovely, Teddi :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Super cute dress, and I love all the flower pictures!

  8. Gorgeous photos!!!
    I love those earrings you handpainted. They're so fun and you're dress is so pretty.

  9. maybe i already mentioned this to you, but i once heard a rumor that if you eat a spoonful of home-grown honey from your state every day, that that helps with allergies. you know because of the whole bee/pollen thing. i tried it with my son, but he got really sick of eating honey every day!

  10. I can't look at those nature photos without feeling stuffed up.

    Damned allergies.

  11. girly girl!
    the nature photos are great..loving the flowers!

  12. cutie

    xo Jennifer



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