Thursday, May 16, 2013

back in march

I wore my Jimi Hendrix shirt, my sister n-law's old vest,
and the purse my friend gave me for Christmas.

I wore these old boots from Payless Shoes.

My nephew Speed Racer smiled at the camera,
 chose some books, and picked his nose.

My twin nieces hunted for Easter eggs.

My nephew Baby JJ ate some cheese.

My guy and I ate strawberries with Nutella.

My guy took photos of turtles.

I read and loved the book 
...Although I was an accident,
 it worked out for me...

...I want to thank all of them and everyone else that made me laugh. There are dead people I still like,
and I want to thank them too..
from My Mother Was Nuts by Penny Marshall.

I created this art journal page on March 7, 2013
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
I wore purple pants and boots.
Two weeks ago, it was beanie hats.

I played Soldiers of Misfortune  by Filter on my guitar.

..."I'd like to wake up from this dream

Can't we learn from history?

Why's it such a mystery?"... 

Soldiers of Misfortune  by Filter 


  1. love jimi hendrix and those booties! and that book looks funny haha.. take care!

  2. That book looks great- I'm always up for a funny memoir!

  3. outside of dogs, turtles are my favorite animals

  4. strawberries and nutella??? yum!! and a good concert tee is always a win! have a great weekend!

  5. strawberries and nutella, why have I never thought of that myself???

  6. I love your art jounal page, and those boots are amazing!!!! I need to find myself a great pair of decorated boots... :)
    Hope you are having a great day!

  7. Ooooh love that Jimi Hendrix Tee, totally something I'd rock out in!
    Gorgeous boots too!

    Btw I got The Beatles saucer for Christmas, it came with a cute mug! Try this link
    They have all different ones, I def need the 'All You Need is Love' one!! xx

  8. The booties are real hot :) and I totally enjoy reading through your lovely post as always! The journal page is awesome and with its curtain look it gives me the feeling of warm summer wind....ahhhhhhh ♥ Conny

  9. oh yum, I want those strawberries with Nutella! looks super delicious!
    those turtle photos remind me of Crete by the way, there were heaps of cute turtles chilling in the river near our hotel. oh I just loved Crete a lot :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Amazing boots and I love the turtles!

  11. I love your Jimi Hendrix tee, Teddi ! Those boots are fierce and I love strawberries and Nutella, I didn't think about eating them together, gotta try it :-)
    Many kisses my dear friend !

    Fashion and Cookies

  12. I love your journaling here the colors are so pretty I love the pages!

  13. Jimi Hendrix! Love the music, good stuff. I've always wanted to rock a rock tee-shirt, but nice ones like yours can be hard to find, and for some reason, I'm a little intimidated. I guess i worry someone will stop me in the street and ask all these detailed questions about his music that I won't be able to answer. Your boots are totally rock n roll too.

  14. I was here, dying to eat fresh ... and then you put picture of strawberries with chocolate? Ted wants to kill us?

  15. Loving the Jimi Hendrix tee and your awesome boots! Speed Racer is such a doll, I love all the pics of him :) And that is so cool you saw that many turtles together at once!
    I'm hosting a Summer Style Link-up on my blog today if you wanna join in!

  16. great post ^^

  17. oh my goodness i love those booties. i swear i almost thrifted those same pair! you look so fab as always.

  18. You look so grunge Teddi! Love the Jimi t-shirt, he is one of my favourite musicians :)

  19. I love this look on you! And those turtles are so cute!

  20. Oh, strawberries and Nutella, great choice! Loved your boots, I love prints! The pictures of the turtles are amazing, so close! I finally arrived yesterday after 21 hours travelling... stlll tired, but wanted to say hi! Hope you are fine!


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