Monday, May 6, 2013

snippets of life

Today's inspiration monday!

That's when the ladies Megan and Nora of Two Birds Boutique
choose an outfit to inspire a look.

Here's my version of the look.
To see how others styled it go to:
inspiration monday: backstage demands.

Today's inspiration is:
Jennifer Lawrence

My friend gave me the pink dragonfly necklace.
It was designed by the person who did her tattoo.
The blue and fish bird longer necklace came from Target.
My bracelets are made by my mom, and another friend's mom,
 and other various stores.

My skirt and shoes were thrifted.

My nephew Baby JJ turned 1.
They had to give him a bath after he ate his cake.

My twin nieces liked JJ's cake too.
As you can see it's all over their faces.

My nephew Speed Racer likes french fries and diet coke.

My art journal page from April 18, 2013
My mom made me a small quilt of my childhood photos for Christmas in 2012.
She made a quilt we sometimes have on our bed.
My childhood bedspread she made was quilted.

My friend made my teddy bear quilt.
One day when my husband made the bed,
I asked him what the bears were doing.
He said, eskimo kissing.


  1. I love your skirt, I've been looking for one like that! You always have such pretty accessories too! Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favourite actresses ever :) And the Eskimo kissing bears made me smile so much!

    Thank you for your lovely comments as usual, I think I'm going to use 'Feelings of Emotion' as my new title for my Meaningless Words posts xxxx

  2. hahaha!!! I laughed when I read about the Eskimo Kissing Tedi! =D

    I love your flowy skirt and belated happy birthday to Baby JJ! ^◡^


  3. I loved your outfit! and the jennifer lawrence inspiration and your nephews are too cute :)

  4. yum, I also want what that little guy was eating! (I mean the fries of course, not the cake :P) anyway, that shade of pink suits you really well and your bracelet and necklace collection must be huuuge! do you know how many do you have? ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. kids sure love cake. I remember one time working at a grocery store back in (I think) 2005-2006 there was a lady who ordered a fancy birthday cake that kinda looked like a traditional wedding cake but smaller and blue. It cost a fortune and she broke one on the way home the day before. She went to a lot of trouble for a child who won't remember it.

  6. Love the colors you have going on here and the double necklaces

  7. You look so pretty! Great skirt and I love the shoes!

  8. I liked your outfit much more! It looks happier, loved the pink top and the paisley skirt! And your nieces with the cake all over and the sweet smile, sooo sweet! Happy birthday to baby JJ! He is lovely, as is Speed Racer too! As usual, you look gorgeous and I love these posts with the kids!

  9. I love the color mix of your outfit, that makes me feel like experimenting long skirts !

  10. i like your outfit better even though i do love Jennifer Lawrence. i like the colors in yours. and that dragonfly necklace. gotta love a 1 year old bday party. it's so cute to see them eat their first cake!!!

  11. eskimo kissing...too cute! don't you wish sometimes that you could eat cake like a child???

  12. I love wearing my mum vintage clothes, I always feel extra special when I wear it :)I can see why you love your nephews, they are adorable!

  13. I love that color pink! So pretty!

  14. Oh man, it is SO cute when little babies eat cake, they get so excited about it and really just dig right in. (That's just such a cute age.) He looks like he had quite a bit of fun!

    Your skirt is so lovely, I can't quite decided if it's a paisley print but it's really lovely, I love those earthy colors together!

  15. Dearest Teddi, I love your skirt, it's so pretty ! I also love Jennifer Lawrence, loved her in silver linings playbook, so much =)
    Your nephews are so cute with cake all over their faces, LOL ! Kisses

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  16. This blog is full of beautiful things - kids enjoying cake, one of the most thoughtful ideas for a gift I've heard in a long time, and a rose-print teddy bear that beautiful enough to design a whole nursery around.

  17. Hello dear ... until Ted finally came by walk .. no time!
    I love the shade of pink of his shirt ... I need to buy more pink clothes ... and I love the designs of the skirt ...
    Ted, what's your sign!?

  18. Awww eskimo kissing teddy bears, so cute (and glad I am not the only one with a teddy bear!) That patterned skirt is so pretty on you and I just love the cake all over the kids faces!

  19. You look beautiful and I think you know I love pink!!! :)



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