Wednesday, May 22, 2013

tie dye

It's my favorite pattern.
I recently counted 11 things with tie dyed patterns in my closet: jeans, a dress, a skirt, t-shirts, blouses, and tanks.

My tie dye top was thrifted.
My Guess? pants were thrifted.
My black boots were thrifted.

 I first bleached a pair of jeans in 9th grade.
I wore a tie dye t-shirt in my 10th grade school photo.

My mom gave me my necklace.
My mom made my turquoise bracelet,
and my wooden bracelet.

Left and Right: Calla Spring RTW 2013
Middle: Band of Outsiders Spring RTW 2013

I remember my friend and I, tie dying our t-shirts,
 and staining her driveway, when were 16.
I was in 11th  grade.

Spring RTW 2013

My art journal page from March 24, 2013
My husband was wearing a tie dye t-shirt,
 when I met him. He still has it, and wears it.
Each time, I tease and remind him.

Back in the college, he wore a different tie dye shirt,
  for his driver's license photo.

Born to Run is my brother's and my,
favorite song by 
Bruce Springsteen.
I've been playing it on my guitar for weeks.

"...we can live with the sadness 
I'll love you with all the madness in my soul
Someday girl I don't know when 
we're gonna get to that place 
Where we really wanna go 
and we'll walk in the sun 
But till then tramps like us 
baby we were born to run"...
Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen


  1. I've actually never worn a tie-die shirt

  2. I've never tie-dyed anything myself, but I did do the "splashed bleach" to my jeans in high school... I don't think I did such a great job, but I wore the heck out of them then!

  3. Guess is one of my favourite stores! Love the pocket zips on your pants too!!

    Now I've got 'Born to Run' playing in my head ;) xx

  4. i have never really worn tie dye and i'm not sure why. the top looks great on you! and i love that grey peplum dress with the color popping out of the bottom!

  5. love both of those orange looks you featured

  6. after seeing your post, I realized that I have tye-dye .... = /
    need to buy anything ... I loved her pants Ted .. her color is so cool ... =)

  7. oh wow, once again those runway looks are SOOO incredibly gorgeous! just wow wow wow!
    and I like it how your whole look is thrifted. I even noticed similar booties in H&M a while ago ;) so everything comes back when it comes to fashion.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. That's so sweet that you remember what your hubby was wearing when you met (and that you both share the same fashion sense!) I love the colours in your top.

  9. I like tie dye too, I am looking for a blouse to pair with flare pants :)
    You look lovely Teddi ! I love Bruce Springsteen, I regret not going to his concert a few days ago in Italy...arrgh ! He truly is The Boss !!! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  10. The thing about your husband is so cute! I love that tie-dye is coming back! it's so fun and easy to handmake!

  11. I love blue and orange together!

  12. I'm crazy about tie and dye too ! I have to count how many tie and dye clothes I own !

  13. Haha, the husband stories are so funny and sweet. I love that you love tie dye and that you married a man who wore it for such pivotal moments.

  14. I love tye-dying!
    and cara's spring stuff seems cool.. too girly for my taste BUT the fabric's are awesome!
    cool look on you in blue.. eleven things in your closet.. mmm eleven.. I don't know why I always get freaked out by that number...

  15. I'm a huge tie dye fan too. I especially love it on maxi dresses lately. And Born to Run is my favorite Springsteen song too!

  16. Your art journal is so beautiful!!!

  17. hmmm i'm going to check out this band of outsiders line. i'm liking the looks of their stuff based on the pic you posted!

    loving the art journal page :)

  18. I think I've owned one tie-dye my whole life. I think it's because I never got over the whole rainbow of neon colours tie-dye look. However, this post has me rethinking that stance. Thy runway outfit with head-to-toe pastel-hued tie dye actually looks fantastic, and your skirt is a far cry from the 80s. The pants are a great thrift find!


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