Monday, December 10, 2012

coral and seashell dreams

Today is Inspiration Monday!
When the ladies Megan and Nora of Two Birds Boutique
 choose an outfit to inspire a look.

This is my version.

Today's inspiration is:
Jessica Biel
to see how others styled the look go to
inspiration monday: inception.

Autumn Texas photos taken by my guy

I dream of fancy houses with spiral staircases,wraparound porches, and black and white fixtures,

My purse is thrifted

seashells hanging from ceilings,
and roofs like natural sea lanterns.
more photos by my guy

Communal neighborhoods and living rooms of browns and rusts like our childhood couch, and home. There are rusted license plates on walls, like those found in The Quilted Bear.

my art journal pages from yesterday

There are wood  paneled walls, and on the carpeted floor, children sit in front of the TV. Everyone watches kittens and puppies, and time machines, going back and forth, to the past.
Wondering how it changed the future,
and whether that was good or bad.

My shoes are thrifted

nature photos by my guy

Maikeni blogi-part of me nominated me for this sunshine award. I will answer questions 9 and 4.

IX.  Which TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?

I'm such a TV junkie. I'm going to mention some shows you may not have heard of.

Wedding Band
 I freaking love this show!
I think it's funny. It just started November 10.
It's like a modern version of The Wedding Singer.

Mob Doctor
It's super intense, completely fake, and yet interesting.

All on the Line with Joe Zee
Joe Zee takes fashion designers and tries to help them improve their business.

IV. How often do you use your ID (Identity) card?

I use my driver's license as my identity card.
Whenever people ask to see my ID, (if they have a reason), I use it. I don't know how often that is. Like if I'm purchasing something with a credit card,(I don't mind showing it), or getting on an airplane, have a medical appointment, getting into a concert/bar, whenever I get pulled over by a police officer, which I don't enjoy.
Then again. Does anyone?  :p


  1. Very cute!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Wow! You definitely channeled Jessica Biel's look Teddi! So chic! ^◡^


  3. I love your shoes, those look insanely comfortable to walk in and they have such a cool vibe to them! I think this is one of my favorite inspiration looks lately, it's really easy to replicate and you did a fantastic job at it.

    Hah, spiral staircases are gorgeous and so pretty, but they're the devil when it comes to moving furniture up and down. A friend and I once spent four hours trying to get a couch down one of those and we both swore by the end to never live somewhere with one again. (Unless there was an elevator or nice, normal stairs for packing the furniture and boxes up.)

  4. You totally nailed this one! I think it's my favorite so far :)

  5. I prefer they ask for my id when I'm not paying with cash. I know some places are now putting a person's picture on a card, which is something I would like.

  6. Ted I have to confess that I've been dreaming of homes surreal, and beautiful ... but yesterday I found myself thinking about the possibility of living in a place full of trees ... it's my biggest dream ...
    I would like to live in the woods!

  7. I've never heard of the first couple of shows, but All on the Line I do like a lot.. I feel like I should be there getting help too haha... have you seen Work of Art? I love that one, you might enjoy that show too.
    ..and about the goodbye hug on my illustration, well.. at the moment I didn't get the message, it was as he left and gave me this look that I understood why that hug lasted more than a usual one... he was saying goodbye.

  8. look how long and lean your legs look in those jeans!!! i have never watched any of those shows, but i might check them out. i am a tc junky, too!

  9. You're totally on point for Jessica's look. Great job and it looks awesome on you.

    I get ID'd a lot buying wine. Which is ridiculous as I'm two months away from 40 years old.

  10. you did a great job and i love the big buttons on the jacket
    ha, son2 was just talking to me about wanting to have a spiral staircase in a house

  11. Teddi! you did such an amazing job with the inspiration!!! you look almost the same with the bangs and everything! really pretty :)

    for some reason, I'd like to touch your art journal! hahaha

    happy Tuesday,

  12. So cute! I love the blazer and your necklace, you hit it right on!

  13. How very lovely your journal looks! AND your outfit! You actually look like her (as in your face!) and the outfit is really pretty!

    By the way, what was with all the yesses?? I was confused!
    Hope you are well!x

  14. Your Jessica Biel look is absolutely perfect, Teddi! I'm especially diggin' the hair. :) And of course, your ever beautiful and colourful art pages! "Super intense, completely fake, and yet interesting" - totally has me intrigued.

    PS - I'm glad you liked Taboo!! I was definitely curious to see what you would think, as most of the people who submitted work for it are younger than I am even and I couldn't help but have them in mind when making it (granted their work is obviously beautiful and speaks for itself), but ya know, I guess I'm always nervous to see what people will think. ;)

  15. Joe's great- he's Canadian eh? :) LOVE pink on you, very pretty in pink and your dream house sounds lovely, I love your description of the roof.

  16. I think it was such a cool post! and again I found out several new facts about you, for example the tv shows you like (I hadn't heard of any of those), that part about the police was kind of funny, hehe :P
    oh and your art journal pages! I absolutely love those! gorgeous job!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  17. Love the colours of your outfit!Love the photos of the cactus. Do you know we eat those in Mexico? :) I love them and they are very healthy ;)

  18. You're very elegant and cool in this outfit !

  19. I love your outfit Teddi, you look wonderful ! :)
    I am very curious about those tv series you are seeing ! I wanna try them out, too ! I am hooked on True blood at the moment, catching up, I am at the beginning of season 4 !
    Many kisses my friend ! xoxox

    Fashion and Cookies

  20. I prefer your version, cause I think your shoes are so amazing!

  21. I know I'm commenting on every post...but I just had to tell you how great that inspiration outfit is!! I love your rolled jeans and shoes (Which look stylish AND comfy), and the pink top really pops against the more neutral colours in the rest of the outfit.


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