Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i don't own a leopard coat,

so for my Inspiration Monday look,

I didn't wear one.

Plus it's been too hot in Texas, to wear a jacket.

Here's my version.

Nora and Megan of 
Two Birds Boutique chose this leopard 

coat outfit by supermodel  Kate Moss.
I realize I look nothing like her.

To see how others used the inspiration go to

inspiration monday: secret shopper.

I don't have a yellow purse.
I opted for the green purse to tie into the green words on my t-shirt.
I held my purse in my hands like Kate's.
I also wore dark nail polish.

I didn't want to shoe the exact same black boots
I wore in last week's post.
Therefore, I chose, my tweed boots on the left.
They are still pointy toed, ankle height, and feature black like Kate's on right.

I don't have black skinny jeans,
(like Kate wore),
so I wore my black thrifted wide leg cords.

My purse was thrifted.

I want to explain about this guitar pick necklace.
Years ago, one of the kids found the guitar pick on the playground at recess, and gave it to me.
We made sure it didn't belong to anyone before I wore it.

Which leads me to the answer to question 1 from, 
Maikeni blogi-part of me when she nominated me for this sunshine award.
My nephew Speed Racer

I. Are you pleased with your current job and/or studies? If not, what would you change?

I question nearly everything. So it's normal for me to wonder about what I went to college for, and what I got my degree in. My bachelor of science is in Early Childhood. 
I've gone through periods where I really loved, and disliked elements of my chosen career path. 

Top: My twin nieces with their cousin
Bottom: my niece with my nephew Baby JJ

I am grateful for the things I learned in school. 

I really have used them in my work, and in my life.

For example, with my friends' children, and in my own family,
with my nieces and nephews.

My friend's son Little T

Over 8 years ago I started taking guitar lessons.
 I still continue those. 

 About 4 or 5 years ago I started actively taking art classes, but in a non traditional way. 

I also still actively take art classes.

These sketches were done while waiting for a band to set up at a live show, last summer.

What I would change, if I could back in time, is,  I wish I would have started taking guitar, and art classes when I was younger.

This art journal page from July 2012
were inspired by
In the Sun Class by Natalie Malik.
If only...I had taken more photos, 
and I had wrote down more stories.
If only I could remember better.
If only I had treasured those moments,
before they slipped away.
If only I  had known. 
If only...
would it have mattered?
Would it have changed?
What would have changed?
If only I had known.


  1. It's been far too hot in sc too. Just like last year's "winter"

  2. I had no idea about your degree so it was definitely something new for me. and not only new but interesting as well. I think we all have those moments when we question things and wonder if we have made the right decisions. that's human nature.
    anyway, I really like your tweed boots and I would definitely love to own something like that in my wardrobe :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. All your art jurnal texts talk so much to me... really - these ones even more now...
    Your nieces and nephews are always so cute, and so is your friend's son!
    You look really really cool in your interpretion of Inspiration Monday! I don't have that leopard coat either! So I would also think three times before picking something to wear, close to the picture!
    The Liverpool experience is on the blog now!!! Hope you like it!

  4. You captured the spirit of the outfit, that's all that matters. I dint own a leopard coat (yet) either, I can't seem to find one that fits well and doesn't look cheap.

  5. Nice journaling. I love your journaling it is my favorite thing that you post on your blog.

  6. i want that pirate eye patch!!!

  7. Aaaaah, weather too warm for coats? That just sounds amazing. (I'm just going to drift off to fantasy land for a moment, the kind of heat just sounds wonderful.) I do like how you took the inspiration look and make it your own, you version is very rock and roll! (And can I just say how much I like your art journal entries? They're always so fun and cool, you're making me inspired to be more dedicated to trying to draw or paint something every night.)

  8. Teddi, it's very timely that you're showing pastel colours for wintertime...that is actually the subject of a scheduled post (long story short, I'm not usually a fan of the idea but I found a way to make it work for me).

    This post reminded me of a great podcast by RadioLab called 'Colour' that I listened to last week and how our eyes have to be 'trained' to see colour. One guy taught his 18-month old all the colours, but he and his wife never mentioned the sky is blue. She was able to name the colour of all kinds of objects but was stumped when shown a blue sky. I recommend it!

  9. First off, I'm seriously jealous of your Texas weather, Teddi! (Though I imagine you probably get tired of it.) Second off, your green purse looks great with your all black Kate outfit (and also with your hair)! And third off, Little T and his eye patch are adorable. That smile is too sweet. :)


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