Monday, December 5, 2011

winnie the pooh

These colors & patterns remind me of
Winnie the Pooh & Tigger too.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

When I was little,
 my aunt sewed a homemade
Winnie the Pooh for me.
I got it for Christmas.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

It was the color of these shoes.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

I took that Winnie the Pooh with me
all over my childhood house.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

For a time, it was my favorite stuffed animal.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

The stuffing started to come out
 of my bear.
Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

The arms were falling off,
& the head was hanging by a thread.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

I remember being sad,
for I liked to think my toys were real.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

My aunt ended up making me
 a total of 3 Pooh Bears.

Aquilano E Rimondi Fall 2011 RTW

I loved them all so much, they fell apart.

My nephew riding his toy Tigger.

For a long time I kept them on a shelf.

Can you see my brother's feet,
& his face?
He's behind my nephew.

I wanted to keep them for always.

Who is that bratty child? 

One day I must have thrown them away.

My mom made my dress, 
& she made my cake too.

For I don't have those homemade Pooh Bears anymore. I don't know what happened to them. 

This is Chandra's tattoo.
No, I don't know her,
but I like her tattoo.

I imagine I thought in order to be a grown up,
I had to let go of my childhood.

I like this tattoo.
 I don't know why I found it here.

I don't know what I was thinking.
I wish I still had them.

Who is your favorite Winnie the Pooh character?


  1. My son loves Winnie the Pooh! We have decorated his room with lots and lots of Winnie-the-Pooh...everything! Love this post so much!!!

  2. haha, I think you discovered their inspiration! Great post! made me smile. :)

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  3. My favorite Pooh character is Pooh himself! I love those dresses!

  4. Teddi darling, I am sorry if you felt sorry for the child in the photo with santa but, that child who is an adult now, sent the photo in to awkward family photos. It was meant to be funny not sad. Have a great day. The runway clothing is exquisite. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

  5. Aww your nephew is too cute! Let's see.. I always have a hard time choosing faves because always love everyone.. but I would say my favorites were Piglet and Pooh Bear.

    The documentary about the neapolitan tailors I saw was called "O'mast". I tried to look it up to see if they had it on youtube, but I only found the trailer:

    If you follow the suggested videos along the sidebar, you might be able to find some of the interviews, too. It was really fascinating!!!

  6. Oh I like all of them, I guess! Pooh, the tiger, but I guess I LOVE piglet! So, that's my favorite!
    I loved the dresses!
    And your pictures as a child!
    I wish I had some of my old toys too...
    Have a great week! Buy a little Pooh for you, I have lots of toys myself, no joke! Dolls, teaddy bears, I love them!

  7. ow i love this shoes...and love the pics...your pics...litlle Teddi! =)Amazing!!

  8. cute photos!! love all the pooh tattoos :))

  9. ooh, I adore Winnie the Pooh!! And I love this beautiful collection too, such stunning fabrics, textures and colours. Wow!! Hope you're having a great start to your week. xo veronika

  10. haha cute, I liked winnie the pooh too, esp tigger!

  11. Winnie the Pooh just makes my heart smile. Maybe I'm typical, but I have to say Pooh is my favorite. Just so cuddly and sweet! You look so cute as a little girl here with your cake :)

  12. teddi, i'm sorry about this but i hate winnie the pooh!!!!! hahahaha don't hate me please :( i used to be a fan of Tweety, which everybody used to hate! but i gotta admit that you look so cute in those childhood pictures with your pooh cake :)

    happy week dear,

  13. awww amazing post!!! so cute!!! I read it and think about my baby! hahahaha and love your child picures!!! your nephew is the cutest ever, with his tiger, so lovely!!! And my fac characters, there's no doubt: Eeyore!!! he's always so sad, just want hug him!!!


  14. Ohh, I love the runway collection - the mustard collars are gorgeous! <3 and Tigger is my favourite!
    Lost in the Haze

  15. Ohhh!! I loved Winnie The Pooh too!!
    Aquilando E Rimndi collection is amazing! Love the flapper dress and coat!

  16. Wow, the Winnie the Pooh pictures really started to ramp at the end, and it totally made me laugh!

    Thanks for the Tesla video, I rocked out to it.

  17. Teddi, you're so sweet :) thanks for your nice comments on my blog, I always enjoy reading them. My fave character is Pooh but I also love Eeyore !
    Your pics as a kid with that cake are so cute, really lovely. I used to have many stuffed animal I loved when I was a kid but since we moved to different towns twice they pratically got lost/thrown away :(. I do have a Pooh bear cause I won it at a fair and I also have all of the 7 dwarves, lol.
    Before I post this comment, let me add those Aquilano e Rimondi shoes are simply fab and so original ! Many kisses, my friend ! Feel free to add me on facebook if you want, I have added the link to that post so you can find me there or on the right bar on my blog !.


  18. The photos of the collection are beautiful. And I wouldn't' have noticed the Winnie the Pooh if you hadn't pointed it out, but I can kinda see it. Very fun post!

  19. Aww we love Winnie the Pooh over here! Super cute post :)

  20. how sweet of y0ur aunt for making y0u 3 pooh bears! y0u're such a pretty girl! ^_^

    i think, i most like Piglet because it's so cute!!! =)

  21. Awww, you were adorable Teddi! What a beautiful homemade cake. My kids love Winnie the Pooh, I think I was drawn to him because he was mustard colored though =)

    FYI: I will be taking some time of commenting on blogs due to FINALS, but will make it up upon my return. I hope you won't miss me too much but I will surely miss you =)

  22. Love shoes by Aquilano!! Amazing!!

  23. Wow! One thing I love about your blog is how you mix fashion with pieces from your past and personality :)

    I used to love Winnie the Pooh too. About an hour's drive from where I live there's a woods where the owners of the area put doors and windows onto the trees and signposted them like the '100 aker woods', so for a long time I was convinced that they all were real and lived in those trees, only they were 'out' whenever I went to visit! :)

  24. Lol, great comparison! The colors are so much alike!
    I used to love winnie the pooh also, and u look so cute as a little girl <3

  25. awww how sad!! :(

  26. Such a beautiful post!

    ♥ Shia

  27. Those photos of you are classic! I was a pretty big Piglet fan back in the day. ;)

  28. i love winnie the pooh! tigger was always my fave. but loving the inspiration in the clothes and how cute is your son on that stuffed animal?!!!

  29. My favorite was Eeyore! I have a big Eeyore stuffed animal from Disney World.

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