Saturday, December 10, 2011

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Today I'm featuring various fashion bloggers.
I like their use of the color green.
The links to their blogs are in purple.
*The links to their posts are in the color green.

 Courtney from A Bevy Of
Sweater Urban Outfitters Romper  post
Nora Bird from Two Birds Boutique
Sister Style Remix post
Same cute green sweater worn a completely different way, by her sister. 
Megan Bird from Two Birds Boutique
Sister Style Remix post 
Natasha from Required 2 Be Inspired
Contrast of Textures  post

Stacey Kay from Goodwill Huntingg
Sweet Streets I Used To Own  post
Stacey Kay from Goodwill Huntingg
from Tips For Wearing Horizontal Stripes  post
Yes I got permission to use all their photographs.
All of their blogs show off the details, & their styling. They're worth checking out, for fun.

Now to make this post personal:

One of my art journal pages with the color green.

Another one of my art journal pages.

Me when I was three, (I think).
We all know that I blink.
Back then, as well as now.

I love Oscar, & yes I am a grouch.
This is a tad different than the Kermit song.

My friend's son with his Kermit.
My friend's boys on Halloween.
My nephew is watching Sesame St.
Notice the dog is NOT
watching Sesame St.
I get to see my nephew in 10 more days. 
Which means I get to see my friends,
& my family, in 10 days too!   :)


  1. I love the green! All of these pictures are insanely adorable!

    p.s. my shoes feel great & are comfy!


  2. Love the green! Cute inspirations!

  3. Hi Teddi! This is such a lovely post! LOVE LOVE! I love green too :) Love that girl in oversized jumper and green stockings! DIVINE

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  4. I like the Master Chief and Venom costumes. I'm surprised it took Microsoft so long to release Halo costumes.

  5. Hey T,

    Of course you can use my picture!

    I would be delighted! Thank you for reaching out.... have a great day

  6. So beautiful! I love green, too! And all the pictures are adorable! You - as a three year old-girl - are so sweet and cute! That lovely smile (that you keep up to today!)
    Very nice outfits, very inspiring!

  7. looks awesome! thank you for featuring my outfit on your blog =)

  8. Very cute post as usual :)
    Hope to hear from you soon !



  9. The green is beautiful - reminds me of The meadows, and petals, and grass.

    xx hugs teddi

  10. thanks for sharing all this wonderful green inspiration! perfect for the holidays!!!

  11. tedddddi, the baby is scrumptious haha :-)

    and that art from your journal? did you paint that????? or is it inspiration? i love it either way!!

    hope you are well friend


  12. FYI, green is my favorite.
    What a coincidence, I posted an outfit in all green.

    You are such a cutie pie. I love that pic of you
    when you were a child. very cute!

  13. OOoo pretty greens, i love deep, rich emerald greens at the moment!

  14. This makes me want to get more green in my wardrobe! But first I want to dye my hair red. Redheads always look good in green. Your art amazes me as always. You're so talented, Teddi! And you were the absolute cutest kid! As for your comment, yes it does snow in Arizona. I live in the mountains, and it gets quite chilly! And it's not my school that bans my tights, it's my parents. They just think it make me look like a streetwalker. I know, I don't get it either.


  15. Green is my favorite color! :D

  16. did you know geniuses always pick green?? ...actually I don't know if that's true, I saw it on Meet the Parents movie haha...anyway cool post, I'm looking for a green something to wear, I seem to lack it on my closet...
    and about your comment on my Chanel post, I saw the video, the entire show was amazing.. but I doubt anyone in the fashion industry eats haha.. I don't think they touched the calorie charged food at all!

  17. I like the first blogger that you matched. Very nice girl.

  18. Aww Teddi what a cutie your baby photo! that is my favourite! nice styles thanks for sharing :)

  19. Love the style of those awesome bloggers, hehe and I want that big kermit toy!!!! :)

    Glad to see you approaching the Christmas holidays in such a great mood.

    The Cat Hag

  20. you are so cute in that picture!!! and your nephew steals my heart!!! hahahaha love seeing how he looks very concentrate on TV! hahahaha he's lovely!!!
    countdown starts!!!


  21. I am looooving your kid pix!!! Your smile is absolutely contagious :DDD


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