Thursday, December 8, 2011

leaves i wore

My belt is thrifted.
..."Once we'd struggled through the underbrush at the transition from field to forest, the space opened up and became gladelike, oaks and maples and chestnuts growing high."
You've seen these thrifted boots before.

My vest was once my husband's sweatshirt.
When it shrank up in the dryer, years ago,
I cut off the sleeves, & I cut off the band.

"The earth was loamy, springy beneath our feet, and carpeted with leaves and pine needles that cushioned our steps, silenced them." 
"We grew quiet, too, walking amid the trees. The wind rustled the leaves high above, but around the air was still...
My thrifted blouse has
printed leaves |in shades of green & russet.

..."light filtered in through the trees and made dancing patterns on the forest floor"...
"I imagined the deer everywhere, as soft as rabbits, as fleeting as gazelle, as white as snowdrifts, we did not even glimpse them"...

quotes by Kim Edwards

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  1. i love the idea of making a vest out of a sweatshirt! very innovative!

  2. love your vest!!! so good idea!!! have to try!! hahaha
    thanks for the info about the lettering and all that, i'll look for them up on the internet, hope to find something, and it has to be RIGHT NOW, because babies grow up so fast!


  3. Fall colors<3 beautiful post teddi!!! loving that you are posting more photos of yourself :)


  4. What a clever idea for the vest! And I love the print of that blouse; this whole outfit makes me happy, really.

  5. Ahhh I love flowers, trees and leaves on the ground .... I loved the pictures!

  6. What beautiful quotes and great outfit! I think the vest is so creative and I love those shoes!

  7. I love the flower petals! =)

  8. more than our coolest idea!
    I loved it, very clever = D kisses

  9. I love that you recycled his sweatshirt! It looks awesome cropped like that. ;)

  10. my boyfriend just shrunk this awesome sweater so now it is the perfect size for me so i know how that goes =D
    xx sylvie

  11. That sweatshirt is such a great idea! So glad you could link up!

  12. First of all, thank you for the sweet words you wrote to me this week, I really needed them! It was a very emotional week!
    And second, I read the blue and black post and you look amazing! I love the nails, but your eyes are the stars of the show!
    Now you look very pretty with this outfit - how cool is it to create a vest from the husband's sweatshirt??? It's amazing, so creative - and it looks very beautiful!

  13. ooh, Teddi your hair is looking absolutely gorgeous - so in love with it! And your shirt is so, so pretty + what a neat idea with the vest! Happy Friday. xo veronika

  14. thanks for commenting every day!


  15. lovely photos of the nature around your home!! I love your cute vest--what a great idea :)))

  16. I like the vest. :D

  17. Teddi, we'd be honored for you to feature our outfits on your blog...provided you're not going to make fun of us or something like that! ; ) Have a great weekend!

  18. Great ideas and good taste.

  19. loving your homemade DIY vest! very cool. and those boots are fab too!

  20. I love your thrifted boots! <3 What beauties!

    Lost in the Haze

  21. you can definitely feature my outfit on your blog! thanks for asking =)

  22. love this post! great photos! i just cant get enough of those leaves!!! incredible outfit! and what a great way to recycle your husbands old clothes :)))

  23. I love the jumper worn by Nora & Megan Bird and the way they incorporate it into their different styles. I love the green blazer and striped maxi together too. Have a lovely time when you see your friends & family. xo


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