Saturday, December 24, 2011

like gingerbread

I think my blouse looks like
the sprinkles on the gingerbread.
I really don't like the taste of gingerbread.

I like the way gingerbread smells.

I like the way gingerbread looks.

But please,
don't make me eat it.

Thursday my guy's aunt was making
gingerbread with my twin nieces.

Well you didn't think I was baking did you? 

I admire houses with lights decorated like a gingerbread house come to life.

Gingerbread Love Mittens

Granny Chic Clutch

May visions of sweet gingerbread like things
dance through your heads! 


  1. Merry Christmas and a happy 2012!

  2. i'm baking christmas muffins with my 2 year old nephew later! it's so much fun doing christmas with a baby around haha. aw i love ginger!! those biscuits look delicious :)

  3. what fun pictures! have a very merry christmas!

  4. Charlotte keeps telling me to buy the gingerbread house kit but I never remember! I love gingerbread houses for their decorative candy decides, yum yum!

    Have a very merry Christmas teddi!!

  5. I LOVEEE gingerbread. I can definitely eat yours :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  6. I'm so happy I'm the fisrt comment! haha so I can wish you a happy Xmas first! All my best wishes to you! Enjoy the holidays :)

  7. You look so pretty in that first picture, I love it :) And I love gingerbread ;) Merry Christmas!

  8. The lights look fantastic. So festive! Have a wonderful christmas!

  9. yummy! and beautiful color! here in Spain is typical the Turrón! haha D

    Merry Christmas :)


  10. Merry Christmas to you, dear Teddi !!! Those Christmas lights are amazing, love the pics ! I like gingerbread so I will steal yours, hehe ;), anyway if you come to Italy I will let you try some italian Xmas sweets in return ! Kisses and have a wonderful Holiday Season my friend !

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  11. I don't like gingerbread either, just the smell! Your boots are amazing!
    Your two little angles are so cute!

  12. Passing to say hi to my best wishes for these dates as indicated
    and for the new year arrives that your wishes are met
    Happy New Year 2012!.
    A hug.

  13. wowww!!! love this post!!! your nieces fill me of love!!! all that xmas decorations are so lovely!!! and want some cookies!!! hahaha
    ps: love the combo you made on my last post, of the rocker outfit with the polka top, so good idea, want it to me!!

    xo teddi!

  14. i used to not be so into gingerbread cookies too but then my mom made some and put this delicious royal icing on it and now i'm addicted!!!

  15. i like everything here!

  16. i love ginger bread men, they are so cute to make, i remember, once while i was working with kids, we had to make buscuits and i helped them making gingerbread men. it was fantastic!

    jos xx

  17. aahhh so magical :)

    i like the smell and not the taste of ginger cookies also!!

    i like your boho outfit<3


  18. What lovely photos...those gingerbread cookies look so yummy!

    To answer your question from a while ago, I spent the solstice outside in nature and having a ritual to welcome the new year, setting goals for the coming year, and banishing unwanted negatives that are still with me from the past year! Yay!

  19. I don't like it, either. ;) I do, however, love your shirt!


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