Sunday, December 11, 2011

party time excellent

Me, C, H

Whose boots are these?
Not mine.

Who's wore this blouse?
That would be me.
Who wore these boots?
Me again.
I was sporting the paisley.
I think this dolphin table is ingenious.

She's seen Metallica, Kiss, & AC/DC in concert.
Her favorite AC/DC song is "Big Balls".
She & her daughter both like Ozzy.
He told me stories about horses.
He can do a Jedi mind trick with math,
He swears he would love Pantera,
even if he wasn't Texan.

I like how the cut glass looks
like it's slicing through the table.
This pretty lady was
a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader,
once upon a time.
The party hosts.
This man was born in Italy.
I coaxed him to tell me the foods his mom used to make.
He also told me about getting in trouble in Catholic School.

There were more people at the party.

My guy was there too, but sometimes
 this girl doesn't take photos of everything.

She's too busy having a good time.


  1. Looks like a fun party. Happy people, great food and drinks. What more can you ask for.

  2. those paisley shoes are AMAZING

  3. love it!

  4. so much fun, so much food and your boots are amazing!!!!!! i also feel a beautiful xmas and friendship vibe<3

    happy week dear,

  5. Nice photos, your party looks fun

  6. the print on those boots are so cool!

  7. great paisley boots!

  8. The party looks amazing, I like the glass decoration on the table, although I would be super scared of knocking it down accidently! I love the print of your shoes and blouse too, it's very unique! xo

  9. Seems you had fun. :D

  10. Looked like everyone had a great time.
    Good food and good friends together = FUN

    Awww, I like those paisley boots!

  11. It seems you guys had a great time! :)


  12. This looks like such a fun party!

  13. Really cool pics, Teddi ! It is so evident you had fun at the party, good for you :-)
    Love those boots of yours, so glam !
    Kisses my friend !

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  14. awww love this post! it looks you have fun fun fun!!! and love the end of the post, i love that girl!!
    your bouse is fantastic, and the boots too!! They remind me to France, I donpt know why, suddenly Versailles came to my mind!


  15. I feel the holiday cheer radiating off of this! Such a lovely mix of characters you got to spend the evening with :)

  16. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your boots sound COOL! I remember about 3 years ago, desperately wanting purple suede boots and not being able to find them anywhere!
    These photos are fab but all the food is making me hungry!!!

  17. Nice photos.. All looks having fun.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  18. I imagine you would be so much fun to party with, Teddi. And your shoes are freakin' amazing. I love the tapestry print!


  19. love the boots, of all kinds.

    xo Nav

  20. woah.. both are awesome boots dear! great pictures, you must had lots of fun, and those foods & desserts look delicious <3

  21. OMG I love your boots so much. Paisley is rockin - I just made a pair of boots in paisley-ish print.

    Goodwill Huntingg: Happy Holidays Giveaway!
    Accessory alert: tassels

  22. Great post! Love all the pictures you've posted. You are great..
    Merry Christmas to you dear :)

    White Honeyr

  23. Looks like so much fun- I am loviung that sliced glass table and your boots are fabulous- wow what a great pattern!

  24. I just passed an award to you! I hope you like it!
    I loved your boots! Really really loved them!
    And the party must have been excellent!
    Ah, you asked me if I lived in Florida or California! Because of the view from the bedroom's window! I lived in CA once, but I love to travel, and right now I'm spending 2 months in the south of Brazil. In January I'll go back to the rainy, snowy UK, and I can't be happier thinking of it!

  25. too much fun is being had!!! love the pix and all the smiles :DDD

  26. what a lovely party! I like your pictures! Fun, food and friends -that's a perfect combo. I finally found your link at someone else's blog. Haha... Disqus is not good at identifying links, thanks for all your lovely comments, if you are the same Teddi who came to my blog!


  27. Hi like your post so much!Great sense of style! Wonderful photos!

    Take a look and maybe follow each others?: Cosa mi metto???

  28. Party indeed! Looks like you had lots of fun my dear.

    Yes to those shoes, I will def. fall flat on my face, hahaha!

    Did you enter my giveaway for a pair of demins from Aliison Izu yet missy! Join in on the fun!

  29. Teddi Hello dear ... I was away from the blog these days, I am very busy, but as soon as I entered, I have run in to comment on your blog! Festivals are always fun, I love seeing pictures of the festivities!

  30. Such a nic post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful photos!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  31. Feliz navidad teddi.... big hug for u

  32. Yay! I know what you mean I never take photos when I go out but is because I rather enjoy the time than been mad about taking photos then missing the party if you know what I mean :)

  33. Oh wow this looks like a fun time! I love how you told us about the people in the photos! So refreshing. Glad to see you've been well lovely. Sorry for my absence. Happy holidays to you too ! :) x

  34. Party time sounds so good right now. ;) I love your boots! And all the animal themed furniture. ;)


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