Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trick or treat costumes round the suburbs

I don't know any of these people. Yes, I asked if I could take their picture. No, I didn't tell them I was going to put it on the internet. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person.
 I've lived in Texas for 3 years, & have never been trick or treating here. I am an adult. That's why. Last night, I went with my friend, & her son. 
I'll show you photos of us, but not today.

I want to explain a trick or treating concept they have here, that was completely new to me.

People sit outside, in chairs, in their driveway, with bowls of candy. I thought it was ingenious

This way, they didn't have to get up & down, or open & close the door. It's cause here, it's warm enough to do that, without freezing your whatever off. 
I was born in California, & lived there trick or treating, throughout my childhood. I don't remember anyone sitting outside to pass out their candy.

In the Rocky Mountains, where I lived all my teen years, & most of my adulthood. It often snows on Halloween. Or it feels like it always does, anyway.
In the photo below, look at their black dog, that has an actual costume on.

Who else likes the song Black Dog by Led Zeppelin?

That's another interesting Texas thing I saw last night. People took their dogs trick or treating with them. They also dressed them up to hand out candy.
So sad our Texas Rangers  lost the Super Bowl.
I mean World Series. Someone told me the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA this year. Whatever that is. I'm kidding. I know what it is. I don't really follow sports. That's more my brother's thing.
To help all of you who froze last night, feel better, let me mention the drawback of it being warm here.

We got bit by mosquitoes, lucky us.  
Yep, we have all kinds of bugs in this state, all year round.

No, I most certainly do NOT like all the insects!


  1. i love looking at costumes. in minnesota, a bunch of people dress their dogs up, too. we do not, however, sit outside...it's way too cold for that! can't wait to see your outfit!

  2. send me your fb and i'll add you myself :)

  3. Precioso tu blog! me encanta! Las fotos son geniales!
    Espero que te pases por el mío, y si te gusta no dudes en seguirme :)

    Un saludo

  4. awwww!!! love seeing kids in halloween, so cute!!! i'd love celebrating halloween in usa someday :( i hope to move to usa very very soon!!!


  5. aww such cute little outfits! :)

    we only got one tick or treater!!

    and yes! love tights!! :)


  6. Aww-looked so much fun!! Wish everyone dressed up so much around here :D

  7. so you were doing halloween street style photography ...you are nit a bad person
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  8. i live in CA and actually sat outside on my driveway with candy. i had my hubby bring out a portable firepit so i could roast marshmallows. it was delicious!

    looks like you had a fun halloween!


  9. I always feel bad for dogs who get dressed up, but they probably don't mind. I like the idea of sitting in the driveway, too! I've never seen anyone do that before. Awesome costumes. :)

  10. Some of these costumes are so cool. Glad you were able to go trick or treating for the first time in TX with your friend and son - isn't it fun? And yeah - sitting outside and giving out candies is the best idea and we new englanders do it as well, even in the chilly weather. It's just so much easier like you say than to get up and down.

  11. Ahahahahah....wonderful pictures! I like them! :-)
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you !!!

    Fashion Crazy Ball and My Facebook Page

  12. teddi your comments on my blog always make me blush! thank you for your effortless support :)

    love these pictures, su funny!! i wish i can be a kid again.. Halloween used to be way more fun!!!


  13. omg! Genial these photographs and these fantasies! I loved everything!
    o: I am what I do my photos! .. you had asked! =)
    and even kiss

  14. love this post, i know i'm repeating, but.. ahahhaha


  15. Replying back to your comment!! :)

    I love scarves as well, I'm also obsessed, I have to have one in my hair if I go out. Otherwise I feel naked!! ahaha.

    Do you have Twitter?


  16. Great pictures!! :)
    I think it's too bad that in France, people don't really celebrate Halloween!

  17. ahh.. mosquitoes bites.. they seem to a global issues ;p
    Love your wednesay's costume! :)

    Looks like a fun halloween night..


  18. do you want to follow each other? :) lust let me know and I'll follow you back then!



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