Wednesday, November 23, 2011

peter max 2

  In Tuesday's post last week, I mentioned that I met my favorite artist, Peter Max.
It was shown here in Sept of 2009.
Peter Max - Peter Max Micro-Mini in Op-Art Print
Peter Max Micro Mini

Weird that 4 days later, my guy & were downtown, walking to our car,
 when we saw this sign below:
It's a window display that says,
 Meet The Artist Peter Max.
It was quite serendipitous that we got to see
Peter Max, & his artwork, again. 

They don't let you take photos inside the gallery. Peter Max has his own photographer.
That's why I took these outside
Do you see the Texas State Flag, Peter Max painting?
In all the states I've visited or lived,
none of them seem to show off their state flag,
like they do here in Texas.

The exhibit we recently saw, only showed Peter Max's framed art, & some painted football helmets.

However, I thought you might be interested in seeing some Peter Max fashion.

Peter Max Vintage Mini
The last time we saw him there was a painted guitar.

Signed Peter Max Jackson Guitar
We didn't see one this time, though. 
Peter Max Zip Clutch

Peter Max T-shirt

Vintage 1974 Peter Max Stamp Necklace

Peter Max Handbag & Key Chain

Peter Max Vinyl Pillow
Vintage 60's Peter Max Mini Dress

Peter Max Scarf
Peter Max Silk Scarf
The most recent exhibit didn't have as much displayed art, as the 1st one we saw 2 years ago. 
This time, we got to see Peter Max do a quick personalized pen sketch. It was on an easel, for a couple. They had just purchased one of his paintings, & his book.

For the unexpected treasures of life,
perpetually enchant me.   :)


  1. love the dress and the guitar!!! amazing designs!!! colors colors and colors! hahaha thanks for you corrections yesterday, that's the way i like, the I learn! hahahaha


  2. Teddi Hello .. I love your comments on my blog, always so sweet!
    I loved all these accessories, especially clucth Peter Max. .. Is so cute with psychedelic drawings!

  3. Bold patterns....loooove them!

  4. I REALLLY! Like the designs! EEEEKKKK! I want!!

  5. Oh wow, this stuff is adorable! He is quite talented. I love how bold and graphic everything is. That first dress is my favorite! The puffy sleeves look so sweet and demure, and the micro mini length is hot. I adore the colors and the print too! Thank you so much for giving Annika the link. I did email it to her, but that was incredibly sweet of you. I really wanted her to see how important she is, not only to me, but all of her loyal blogging friends. Thank you, Teddi. :)


  6. You always have such colorful photos! I love the patterns on these tops. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Eat lots and be merry my dear!

  7. wow! these are amazing. I love that clutch and the scarves. You have great taste my friend! :)

  8. Love your lace skirt and those ankle boots ! Plus I am alsl a lover of art and that exibit looked awesome !

  9. That's awesome that you got to meet him. I'm absolutely in love with his prints. Definitely gonna look into his work more.

  10. Love your boots, they're so pretty! :)

  11. I've actually never heard of him before, but his work is really good!

  12. WHERE is that Peter Max sweater/top from? I want it sooo bad. Anything PM inspired is a win in my book.

  13. Wow girl you've been busy! YOur blog must ake you forever. you must love it! I know i love looking at it. I love those pics in the wind. Darling outfit. Love ya Em


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