Wednesday, November 2, 2011

on halloween night

My friend Kimmie, was the Queen of Hearts.
Her son Lil T, was Mickey Mouse.

Who am I?

Yesterday's post 
was the people in her neighborhood.
Today I'll show some neighborhood,
 Halloween decor.

"Teddi, I don't want him to spit! 
Were you the one who taught him that?"

See where the mosquitoes bit Lil T under his eye?
I loathe mosquitoes!
I'm showing Lil T how to put on his glow bracelets.

Once upon a time, this girl was Minnie Mouse,
for Halloween. 

The girl was in 2nd grade. 

Her Mom doesn't remember, even though her mother, is the one who sewed her costume. 

Of course there aren't any photos to prove this, because her family didn't have a camera. 

The only photos of this girl,
 as a child on Halloween, are

There are absolutely no photos of the girl when she dressed up for Halloween, as a teenager, either.

 Her mom still doesn't have a decent camera.
Even though her daughter & son, have given her enough cameras, that this girl has lost count. 

The girl thinks her mother must not be fond of cameras, in general. 

Which is probably part of the reason why the girl insists on taking her camera with her nearly everywhere.

The girl is sort of a brat like that.

Knowing that the girl values 
photographs & memories, her mother made certain to collect as many as she could, for her daughter, when her grandmother died. 

The girl remembers her mother singing & playing this song , well actually, this whole album, on cassette tape. When she was growing up.

Her father must know how she values photos too, for in 6th grade, he gave her that 1st camera, as childish as the model he bought was.

That camera was so childish, that she threw it away in 7th grade.  She didn't own another camera, until after she graduated from college.

Her father gave her original photos from his family, too.

But don't think that girl hoards her photographs.

 She'll them with anyone who asks. 

She'll share them with the world.


  1. You are a chic woman in a polka-dot dress ;) Yes, I too have millions of scarves as well but have been good and am bringing them out and using them. I request a leopard scarf photo-op ASAP missy, can't let this fashion trend pass you by!

  2. Ahh, Mickey Mouse! Little kids make me smile more than anything else. ;) You look great in that dress! Love it.

  3. Love the decorations. You look amazing! :)

    Heel in Mint

  4. Your costume is the best. (:

  5. hahaha just saw your child pictures, so cute and funny! love the costume :) there were many amazing Halloween deco around your neighborhood! they really know how to celebrate that holiday..

    now, can't wait for the Christmas deco around mine!!! the lights and cute santas dancing all the way!!!!


  6. awww wanna be there!!!!! what a lovely celebration!!!! and the pics are amazing, the child is so cute!!! love your costumes teddi!!


  7. The three of you make such a darling trio for Halloween!! :)

    And that little Mickey Mouse costume is simply adorable.

    The Cat Hag

  8. thaaaaank you :)
    so you want to follow each other?


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