Monday, November 14, 2011

this girl & bike stuff

Sorry this girl isn't me. I like the recycled bicycle inner tube necklace she's wearing. Do you?

There I am. You know what I look like. 

Didn't you see me 
here, yesterday?

These owl earrings are made
with bicycle chain hardware.

I like this t-shirt.   :)
It has a tree, birds, & a bicycle.

I appreciate the presentation of this package.
 This recycled bike tube necklace looks delicate, whimsical & feminine.
 Notice the leaf charm clasp.

I dig this recycled bike tube bracelet.
 Close up details.

This girl that plays guitar,
 thinks this business card is righteous.

Who else loves this song & video?

This girl is wearing a recycled leather jacket
that used to be her cousin's. 

 It belonged to her cousin's friend before that. 
 Or maybe it was the mom of her cousin's friend?
Basically the jacket is recycled.
I don't know how many people owned it before me.

But it's all mine now!


  1. all how u cud recyled the unexpected items..IM AMAZED!

  2. yes! what a necklace :D


  3. i love how you click so many related thoughts/images in just one post! love the necklace on the first picture and i envy you!!! i want to buy a bicycle and start working out that way.. seems so fun and adventurous :)

    happy week dear,

  4. hi.. I just saw your comment on my "fur trend" post.. in answer to your question, I do believe animals exist to feed and serve as clothing for humans, since the beginning of times.. however, I've learned that nowadays a person can survive without using animals for such purposes and that's why I am a vegetarian (for 6 years now) and that's why I choose to buy faux fur. I admit real fur and leather is way more luxurious and I do own a thing or do I inherited from my grandmother.. BUT the process to obtain the vest animal's "skin" is terrible.. they suffer a lot, but the same happens when they're fed and then slowly killed for food purposes.. I guess I don't judge anyone who eats meat or wears real fur.. but I personally choose not to do so.. Thanks for reading my article and the interest shown on this matter.. what's your opinion on fur?
    btw.. I think you're a bit in love with bicycles haha.. I can't remember the last time I rode one outside of the gym.. that's sad.

  5. love the tree necklace!

  6. Cute pictures! And I love all the photos of the upcycled jewelry...I'm definitely a fan!

  7. Such a great post.
    i´ll be back soon. Take some time and check out muy blog.

  8. you on the bike that nice pictures ... I can not ride a bike = /

  9. That recycled necklace is fabulous!

    You look so chic riding on a bike.

  10. Hello again!

    To answer your question, I got my shorts at a department store like Kmart or Target in the sporting clothes section. They were probably around $7 or so dollars. If you can't find any there, try maybe a Sports Authority store or somewhere online...I hope this helps!

  11. I really like rhe earrings!! Niceeee post! :)


  12. Every post of you! it's like a story of lots of items related but very different at the same time!so cool haha :)

  13. such a wonderful post, I especially love the first necklace xxx

  14. There you are, being all cute and stuff again. I really want to go bike-riding now! Too bad it's so cold outside. I'll wait till spring. :) Oh, and those owl earrings are AMAZING! They're super cute and kind of tough all at once.


  15. LOL congrats on SAVING THE PLANET one bike jacket at a time xDDD I can't believe all those things are recycled!!! theres just no way....why can't I do something like that???

    @Teddi: Lol you'e right! When people looks for signs they can usually find them everywhere, which is how fortune tellers make a living I guess. Not be a skeptic or anything but...xD

  16. I really, really like this owl earrings! Even cooler they're made of recycled bike parts!!!

  17. Ha this blog is so cute and funny. Nice read! And pretty pics. I love the items you picked out.

  18. love the shirt!!! Teddi, AMAZING post!!!! I wish a were an artist to make this kind of things with any material! Unlucky, I can't make anything by myself! hahahaha


  19. who knew bike tubing was so beautiful! i love all of the necklaces!

  20. I am loving the tree necklace from the bicycle tube! So unique!

  21. It's amazing what stuff you can make from old "useless" items

  22. Look at those cute owl earrings! So adorable. You look so cute riding your bike my dear. I wish we had nice weather here in Boston so I can take mines out for a spin...

  23. loving these recycled jewelry pieces! so very cool. and how great do you look riding a bike?!! i haven't ridden a bike in forever. being preggo you're not supposed to. but i miss it!

  24. woaoooo It's amazing what we can do with recycled ... imagination sets the limit ... incredible


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