Thursday, November 3, 2011

His & Hers Halloween Costumes

I haven't yet explained, who I was for Halloween.

Me, as Wednesday Addams
It was before Halloween, & I was watching this movie.

It had been recorded on my DVR, clear back in August, but I hadn't seen the movie, in years.
Wednesday Addams, The Movie

The Addams Family TV Show

I remember being in 5th grade, watching old reruns of the TV show,with my grandma, while we ate chocolate marshmallow cookies.
Wednesday Addams, Tv Show

Can you guess who used this 
song for a ringtone, so she would know when certain people, from her family, were calling her?
Wednesday Addams, TV Show
She also used to record a personalized version of that same song every Halloween for her voicemail.
She doesn't do that anymore.

Wednesday Addams, The Movie

There I am,
striking a surly pose, again.

Can you guess who husband is imitating?

My husband, as Bret Michaels,
from the TV show Rock of Love.
Bret Michaels
This is normally how my husband looks.
Note that he doesn't have long blond hair.
Every time I looked at my guy,
with that wig on, it kind of freaked me out.
Bret Michaels
My guy trying to look serious.
To see a Rock of Love parody, look here.
Bret Michaels in serious mode.
My husband making duck lips.
Bret Michaels  making duck lips.
I know our Halloween costumes
don't couple match,  but so what.
I was not gonna dress as a Bret Michaels groupie.

However, we did see Bret Michaels, in concert,
 with his band Poisonabout 4 years ago.

 is my favorite song by them.


  1. Duck lips cracks me up! And poison was my fave band way back in eighth grade...saw them in concert then. And you are spot on for Wednesday!

  2. LOL
    you guys are so cute
    lovely, much better than if I shoul see creepy ghost costume
    have a nice day :)

  3. love it! you make a great Wednesday!


  4. I actually never watched the Addams family growing up. I recently saw the movies and loved Christina Ricci's creepy Wednesday.

  5. wow, you two really looked like the characters! great job!


  6. Your husband really looks like Bret!

  7. u both look so great. you're husband is so funny :)) you know, i love addams family, and u look like one of them. so dark, but beautiful :)

  8. You guys are too cute! I love the costume. I never watched Adams Family, I know I lived in a hole! So would never have guessed what you were :)

  9. hahaha super unique & different!!! i was wed. addams last year @ work haha so fun! you look really pretty :)

    happy friday,

  10. it's ok that you didn't have matching costumes! it looks like you two had a lot of fun!

  11. jajajaja really original costumes... love it...

  12. love love love your costume!! i love wednesday!! hahaha and love your hubby costume, he looks like him!!!!
    family addams is one of the best tv series EVER!!
    hahahahaah you kill me about atripper versace, well, I'm sure Donatella wpuld like, and it would be better than his fave...
    about abercrombie, the one with the block face is my friuend, of course, maybe she doesn't want her face on the internet so, just in case... hahahaha

  13. i used to love adams family <3

  14. cool costume indeed. Addams family was awesomeee

  15. Wednesday Adams??? I love it! You look perfect.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. hanks for leaving all those lovely comments onmy blog! These are great costumes, specially yours. The Addams were so much fun, morbidly speaking! peace

  17. ahh you have Wednesday Adams down pat, complete with the surley glare too! YOur husband so looks like Brett (although I though he was dressed as axel rose in the first pic) its freaky!

  18. Hi dear! Thanks for your comment! Well, not all the looks are buttoned, but yes, that's huge trend right now. But you were right, I just love how the shirt looks like when it's buttoned! :)


  19. Ah! Awesome costumes!!!! Just wanted to let you know that I have moved over to my photography blog. I will be posting pictures, and normal posts on there!

  20. Love your costumes. :)

    Heel in Mint

  21. I like your costumes! (:

  22. Love your costume! You look just like her x

  23. haha yes! I love Brett Micheals! And you look adorable, very creative!

  24. Ahh, this is awesome! I'm glad you didn't dress as a Poison groupie. You look so great as Wednesday. :)


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