Friday, June 17, 2011

Little K, Little V, my girl A, and me

My cousins
Guess who hurt her finger playing my guitar?
It's okay someone got a band-aid.

Who accidentally broke the high e string?
 It's okay someone got a new one.

Who liked playing with my guitar tuner?

I think he was hoping it was a video game.

Who wanted to watch cartoons?

Who likes chocolate milk?

Who told me she is in love with cheese?

Who was a fish in her preschool program?
Her lines were "Glub, glub."

Who was Tinker Bell for Halloween?
 Who wore her mommy's eye make-up & lipstick for her costume?

Guess who is going to kindergarten in the fall?

Do you know who drew colored hearts on paper, and gave them away?

Guess who doesn't have bunk beds anymore?

Who said they wanted to listen to Johnny Cash? When someone play it he said,
"No the other Johnny Cash, that goes do-da-da-doo."

We never could figure out who or what he wanted.

Guess who loves this dog?

Who else loves this dog?

Here's my girl A.

Guess who isn't wearing any make-up just like this other time?
Little K took this photo.

Who loves her aunt?
Even though you can't tell from this photo.

That loving feeling is more apparent here.

I guess Little K didn't feel like making a funny face.

She decided to play here.

Somebody's looking good.

Who wanted to listen to "Jolene, jolene, jolene," on my iPod? Somebody's mommy plays that song.

Little K took this photo too. 

Little K loved taking photos with my camera.

Somebody's singing.

Yes, she is looking through my fashion magazines. 

much love xo


  1. are I love dogs best xxx

  2. Awww they're all so cute! =)


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