Wednesday, June 1, 2011

x's shower

It was bridal shower. Not the naked soaping up your body kind.

Why did the X make me think of a naughty movie rating? 
OOO look at the cake & food!

Presents, and notice the guitar in the corner. I did, but it isn't mine.
Since, I need a new acoustic.

Chocolate was inside this bag. The key word here is was.

cute kitty, cute kid,cute new haircut

I wonder how many strawberry margaritas they drank?

Don't worry the little girl didn't drink any margaritas. At least not in front of her mommy. I'm joking.

All the good photos were taken by my friend M.

 All the bad photos were taken by the chick writing this garbage.

Who knows what kinds of presents scrapbookers buy or make for each other?  

Can you guess?

Who else, besides me, wore braces in high school?

Everyone is wearing sandals here because it's near 100 degrees.
I heard it snowed today. in the mountains, where I used to live.

The party food was just snacks.

Then it was dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Who was probably sick of having her picture taken?

Why didn't anyone tell me to tuck in my blouse? It's all bunchy, and makes me look pregnant. We all know I'm NOT! Thank goodness. Then I decided it must've been from the cake I ate.  ;)

Who's going to be mad at me, later, when they read these comments?
 Let's all stand together in a funky bunch?
 Name that pop culture reference from 1991?
Why yes the cake was delicious!

Oh, and X got more than just one picture frame as a present. 
Apparently people that scrapbook value photos, or something weird like that.

What is the funnest shower game you've ever played?      

Fun shower game?        
Is that an oxymoron

And I don't mean you and whoever hooking up, and playing games in a shower. If you can't think of a fun shower game, (that doesn't involve suds). How about naming the dumbest shower games you never want to participate in ever again? 

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  1. ooooh you ladies had fun didn't you???? I'm hungry looking at the cake and thinking of the Mexican restaurant


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