Thursday, June 9, 2011

fam at the park

My aunt and uncle,

 who have been married,

over 30, near 40 years.

My cousin H, that I hadn't seen

 in nearly 6 yrs.

Weird to think that cousin  H,

 has a 12 yr. old daughter.

Her birthday girl smiling.

L just turned 12 yrs. old.

Somebody (that I'm not related to),

but she's precious, anyway's, baby.

Altogether now,

 with Uncle M's mama.

H's other daughter A,

(who has her hands over her eyes),

is 8 yrs. old.

I told them all to make a funny face.

Make another funny face,

 because it's fun.

Sisters that look and sound like twins,

but they aren't.

"Just take the effing picture, Teddi,"

(No they didn't really say that).

"I'm your ma's puppy

 Ellie Bee's sister."


  1. Aw, lovely family times! A special day in the park with some loved ones is just what I need...

  2. looks like a wonderful time!! beautiful family too;) thanks for the comment, I just got up to check my email-woke up this morning sick again :( it better go away soon my sister and her family just got a pool and it'll be ready Monday. Hopeing I can get the scanner fixed too-take care and have a great day!

  3. Cute photos! She doesn't look like she could have a 12 year old!


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