Friday, June 10, 2011

art journaling pgs. & paintings

These paintings were inspired by my favorite artist 
Peter Max.

My guy built a guitar table for me to paint, nearly 3 years ago. 
 I have been trying to finish it up, the past 4 months. I'm still not done, but I'm getting close.
Instead of throwing the paint left on my palette away, I grab whatever cheap paper is around and paint on it.

That's why I have so many background papers.

The rest of these pages are some assignments from the 
Ink Blots class
I took in May.

The assignment here was to cut shapes out of the page.

It says: It takes courage to be a star in a sea of squares.

Here's the journaling on location assignment.

 It says:  As it grew dark, a little boy walked towards me, and stopped. He may have touched my knee, when he spoke, "I like what you draw." I said, "Thank you," but I knew he was just being nice. I'd tossed pieces of key lime pie gum, on his blankets, where he and his brothers sat, an hour before.

More observations, while journaling on location, at the concert festival.

Assignment #16 was to draw only one object and leave the rest as negative white space.

 It says: "There is only one leaf left on the tree. It is almost dead. And it is about to fall." by MyStory

(I think it's a band I've never heard of or something. I just liked the quote).

Assignment #18 was to draw patterns we liked.

More patterns I like.

Still on location art drawing.

This assignment was to draw an imaginary friend creature.

It says:  She can change her colors by adapting to her surroundings, small enough to fly off on her own or be perched on my shoulder. She's delicate, but indestructible.

More on location page.

It says: Until that day she had never drawn a drum kit, instead she drew guitars. Kind of odd, since she once lived in a place with a drum kit, in the living room or garage.

Another page of the on location assignment.

It says: On a grassy hill, I sat. Too exhausted to stand. Trying to draw what was on stage. All before the band played. The crowd was in my way. Bobbing and weaving my head to peek through the space. Windows of light fading as the sun set.

This assignment was called journal invasion. Another person had to draw or write in your journal. I passed it to my guy who used gripped 3-4 markers in his hands, and drew with them all at the same time.

This was part of a fill in the blank assignment to help reveal art styles and preferences.
This assignment was to describe your perfect day, and draw who you would spent the day with.

It says: finding unexpected treasures in many forms, looking at art, creating some, singing, dancing, rollerblading,eating grilled veggies, and cheese sandwiches with potato chips, fresh avocados and tomatoes, chocolate covered strawberries and oranges, riding in the car with music blaring, wind in my hair, laughing, playing guitar, impromptu The Beatles beach concert at sunset with all my family and friends, making sandcastles, feeling good all day into the night.

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