Thursday, June 30, 2011

peace tree cafe

On our road trip,
I wanted to stop
at this Peace Tree Cafe.

I was hoping they had
interestingly tasty,
and fun food.
I was right.

We shared a slice
of white chocolate
 and cherry cheesecake.

The orange and cranberry
pound cake was also delicious.

The sign says:
Farm to table,
organic, sustainable,
made with love.

My guy had the peanut butter 

with blueberries, apples,
bananas and granola on
a whole wheat tortilla.

The sticker says:
Peace Tree Juice Cafe, Inc.
Juices, Smoothies,
 Espresso,Wraps, Sandwiches,
 Paninis, Salads,
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Peace, Joy, Love

 I so wish we had one of these cafes closer to where I live.

What do you think?


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