Wednesday, February 16, 2011

look see

 I sure don't like it when my guy gets me in the shot & ruins the photo (Grrr!)
 I wish you could see all the texture in the dots of oil paint, every blade of grass, the leaf on every tree, all the colors of white she used to make the snow, the lace curtains, the bricks, the cobblestone roads...

 The art pieces below were created by Faith Bruton, Mazie Pannell and Jane Hansen. I wish I could tell you who did which piece.

Molly's pieces were made of felt, like pieces hanging by a thread or unfurling, popping off the wall.

Curators for the exhibit are: John Marcucci, Gallery Director for the art gallery in Dallas, Ken O'Toole, artist and director of the artist collaborative,, and David Rodriguez, LEED Accredited Professional with Ware Architecture and former Chairman of the Board of Directors for North Texas US Green Building Council.

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