Wednesday, February 9, 2011

some paintings

Painting is one of my fav things to do.
I finally finished this mo fo.

Here is an example of several art assignments combined on one pg.

I've been painting so much I haven't bothered to paint my fingernails in weeks. Cause really what's the point, if the manicure is just going to be ruined by paint anyway?

background painting 1
I will use the background paintings in collages or to build more paintings on top of.
background painting 2

background painting 3

background painting 4

background painting 5

background painting 6

background painting 7
background painting 9

Painting from an art class I have to tweak, no not get high. I mean adjust. I want to add & change more.

It's unfinished so don't judge. I just got tired of working on it. I'll finish when I feel like it. Which obviously isn't now.
No, I'm not that dorky that I thought painting a banana would fulfill me. It was an another art assignment.


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